ETIN computer

ETIN computer

With free ETIN computer calculate their personal user ETIN number for the Treasury. ETIN represents "electronic transfer identification number" and refers to the figures of wage tax employees in Germany.

ETIN computer Download: Fast calculation of the identification number

The ETIN was as of 2003 to 31 October 2010 wage tax identification number of each employee in Germany used. Due to the method of calculation can not be completely ruled out that different people receive the same ETIN. It is very unlikely that two different people fall at the same ETIN the responsibility of a tax office.

Wage Tax Rules feature in conjunction with Elster

The ETIN was designed as a rewarding fiscal order feature in conjunction with Elster and introduced to replace the income tax card completely. From the name, first name and date of birth of the employee which is formed ETIN and used by the employer in the electronic employment tax statement. It applies regardless of the tax number of the taxpayer.

Copy ETIN mouse click into the clipboard

The German language interface of freeware consists of only one view. To calculate the number ETIN, workers must after ETIN computer Download Enter only your first and last name and date of birth. A mouse click on the button "calculate ETIN" does the rest. The small effort is the Display of personal ETIN number rewarded. On request own ETIN can be copied with a mouse click into the clipboard.

ETIN computer Download

The ETIN computer creates a 14-digit code

The freeware performs an automatic check that all entries have been made correctly. The result is output in the fields of inspection and comments. Various errors are possible. The user must be careful to omit spaces, double name without "-" to write and to dispense with special characters and hyphens. titles such as "Dr." or "Prof" and all names additives are also omitted. When ETIN is a 14-digit code, which is calculated from the personal information name, first name and date of birth. It consists exclusively of the capital letters A to Z, numbers from 0 to 9. If change, for example through a marriage personal data, they need to be adjusted.

Name supplements are not considered

To the 1&# 46; to 4th place the ETIN move the first four consonants of the surname. Here, no names additives are as "from" or "to" considered. The 5&# 46; 8th place occupy the first four consonants of the first name. If not enough consonants in their name are available, the vowels are used and remaining spaces with "X" refilled. It continues with the 9&# 46; and 10th place. Here the last two digits of the year of birth appear. To the 11&# 46; location advances the birth month as a letter, wherein the January is indicated by A, the February, B, etc. The 12&# 46; and 13th place occupies and to the birthday 14&# 46; location finally comes another letter as a check digit. More financial calculators are available in our software catalog for free download. calculate own ETIN number for the tax office With the ETIN computer Download identify workers below their ETIN number for correspondence with the tax office. The accuracy of the information provided by the free computer, however, the software author and Shareware SVW GmbH do not accept responsibility.