We have it all: Cool sayings for WhatsApp Status 2023

We have it all: Cool sayings for WhatsApp Status

Whether funny, melancholic, irritated, in love or crazy: Cool quotes for WhatsApp Status Gibt’s here. Browse now and spice up status message! By default, after the download of WhatsApp for Android or iPhone the very uncreative and boring status message “Hey there! I am using WhatsApp!" preset. Who bit of what keeps a up, will exchange this message immediately to their own, more personal message. Since the status message is also flagship of each WhatsAppers, it must be quiet a bit cheeky and funny every now and then. No idea? We can help. We have put together our favorite cool spells for WhatsApp status. Easy to use and fast to add a tangy status message. Cool sayings for WhatsApp StatusCool quotes for WhatsApp status! (Picture: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

For every mood cool quotes for WhatsApp Status

Status Messages of WhatsApp are the best way his friends and chat partners to show how it is the current state of mind. Just two, three crisp words succinctly say what a busy and how to do it one. That’s really not a problem, right? Quite so simple it’s probably not for one or the other. With all the fresh and funny and creative sayings that circulate in the WhatsApp world, almost a competition among users has already developed. Sure, there would not completely abstinken with a bland, unoriginal message. Who needs a little food for thought, an inspiration for his next status message, this is the place. We have put together funny, naughty, nasty and stimulating and above all cool quotes for WhatsApp status for every mood.

  What is actually at WhatsApp Web online status?

So the WhatsApp status gets coolness factor

Users who fill their boring status messages or just want to conjure their friends a smile on your face time, will find it in our fine selection of cool WhatsApp Status awards in each case. For a better overview we have divided the awards in five different categories. A bit of self-mockery

  • My shin helps me to find the furniture in the dark.
  • This is everything to me here too childish – come Teddy let’s go!
  • I’m not lazy, I’m in power saving mode.
  • I have no quirks! These are special effects!
  • I sing with the instruments in songs.
  • My plants are not dead, they only grow crispy!
  • Actually I wanted to conquer the world … but it’s raining!
  • Grow up? I do so much crap with, but not everything!
  • On the edge of my mind insane giggles.
  • Somebody called me lazy today. I almost told him yet.
    Cool sayings for WhatsApp status irony(Picture: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

The beautiful, cruel love

  • You and I, hand in hand on the way to the kebab stand.
  • Bullied by Amor.
  • I like this: Oh please! My life so: Nope!
  • For you it should rain red roses. With vases!
  • I’ll go with you to the end of the world … and then I schubs you.
    be times today Fiesling

  • This contact has blocked you.

  • Hey there! I am using your boyfriend.
  • If I were you, I would like to me.
  • Can I hold a candle to please someone?
  • I’ve got a tinnitus in the eye! I see only pipes!
    In the evening…

  • Down with heavy force. Long live the light-sense.

  • Act like a Lady, drink like a boss.
  • Dear imagined emanating go down as trained.
  • Bye level and decency until Monday.
  • My neighbors listen to good music, whether they like it or not!
    Cool sayings for WhatsApp Status Examples(Picture: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

    General information for the WhatsApp Status

  • Here could be your advertising!

  • Busy as charged.
  • Hey there! WhatsApp is using me.
  • You do not have to like me. I’m not much of a Facebook status!
  • Save the Earth! It is the only planet with chocolate!