Grosch grave 3

Of the Grosch grave 3 Download provides with seven slot machines and slot machines offering great game fun. The software has many different game modes and the best part is that there is no real money to lose - while of course there are no real profits.

The download of Grosch grave 3 brings real classic games on the computer

Both the design and the games themselves are inspired by the 70s and 80s. For this reason, 3 brings Grosch grave the following three classics from the 70s:

  • Exqusit gold
  • monarch
  • Mint Super (a fruit machine)

Grosch grave 3 Download

The following two games are ready to gamble from the 80s:

  • disc Olympia
  • Crown Royal

In addition, waiting for the download of Grosch grave 3 with the games Red Planet and rotator, a slot machine from the early days on. This means that the gamer has different ways to play and it will never be boring. What games provide other slot machines for free download, can be compared here.

Grosch grave offers different game modes

The games usually have the same goal, namely that a game disc is then to be stopped precisely, so the highest possible profit is made. For this, the program also calculates the probabilities. In addition, the lucky machine has different styles of play: This must keep boredom, it offers in addition to the normal games still risk games, special games and a tournament mode. The goal is how to stay only with a specified amount of money as long as humanly possible in the game. Also analyzes Grosch grave 3 gaming behavior and compiles statistics and high score tables.

Real pub feeling with the slot machines, thanks to impressive graphics

The successful graphic from Grosch grave three promises real pub feel while of gaming on the PC at home. In addition to a three-dimensional representation of the tool provides viewing of the machines from different angles. the real pub feeling is completed by the strong acoustics: The software accompanies the games with realistic sound effects, so that the gamer really surrounded by people in a gambling hall or feels a pub.

Grosch grave 3 Download Slot Machines

Limitations of Grosch grave 3

The trial version only two of eight machines are included. In addition, the playing time is limited to 60 minutes.