LumiDMX 2023


LumiDMX controls the complete lighting in small and large setups. Here LumiDMX is open to a wide variety of DMX hardware and so can easily be integrated into existing lighting systems.

LumiDMX Download with its own device manager

DMX software is developed mostly for a particular device and is quite inflexible applications. LumiDMX puts an end it and bring your own device manager for easy integration of various devices. The user interface has a host of practical functions for controlling and automating the lighting system, but above all a timeline. The summit on placing the mouse single stored light sequences or lighting elements. Much easier to complex lighting control sequences can hardly arrange.

Whether subtle underground lighting in clubs, groovy lighting effects at parties or concerts, or targeted illumination of stage play, LumiDMX brings light into darkness. Thanks to the practical timeline can be dispensed with and the entire light show simply move the mouse as you need them to complicated setups. Those looking for more Lightshow- and DJ programs for free download, will find in our extensive software catalog.

LumiDMX download

Limitations of LumiDMX

The demo version of LumiDMX can test all functions. The only limitation in Demo mode that after 30 minutes, the DMX output is disabled.

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