Gummy Drop! 2023

Gummy Drop!

With the free Gummy Drop! app Traveling users around the world and build great sites. So that works out, the user must connect symbols together and diligently collect building material for typical match-3 style. Various difficulty levels and over 7000 levels provide for plenty of variety!

Gummy Drop! App: Puzzle friends travel the world

After downloading the app, the player begins his journey in Australia. There the first tasks awaiting the player. As already known from other games of this kind, the user must connect identical symbols to at least three deep. The longer the chain, the better, of course – after all, are the extra points and special Drops that have special effects. To successfully complete a level, users must reach the required score. The crux of the matter: You only have a certain number of moves.

Gummy Drop! app

Puzzle app for globetrotters

Who plunges into the puzzle game can be certain: There are more than enough challenges. The fun for the next few months is safe, because the users are waiting in Gummy Drop! Android more than 7200 levels and 20 different cities. The user is traveling from Sydney, Australia, among others, to Tokyo and San Francisco on European cities like Rome or Paris to St. Petersburg, Mexico City and Tahiti. Other cities are also constantly updated.

Gummy Drop! App travel

Buildings erected in Gummy Drop! Android

In addition to combining the Gummydrops the player must diligently collect bricks. Which are needed for erecting the monuments. The Better inter alia, the Sydney Tower, the Eiffel Tower and other famous monuments. Has to build a building, you get interesting information about the structure.

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Incidentally, it is worth completed level to play again. So wait in Gummy Drop! App different levels of difficulty to the player. Depending on whether you play as an apprentice, architect or master builder, expect other rewards when completing a level.

Gummy Drop! App booster

Booster and special tasks

The user should also ausschau are always looking for hidden extras and show helpful and locals. So you can come or among other things, new raw materials unlock special boosters that are able to sweep almost all Drops in one fell swoop from the field. The paddle-booster, however, can eliminate drops, which can be reached only with difficulty. In addition to the premiums, there is the possibility, even gravy train travel vouchers. Using which you can freely choose which city you want to visit next.