WhatsApp customize video format and optimize size

WhatsApp customize video format and optimize size

The fitting WhatsApp video format find and easily share their favorite clips instead of failed transmissions. learn here what to look for and what size is the maximum allowed!

After downloading WhatsApp for Android or iOS, it is usually no problem to send videos. However, the Messenger zickt now and in unusual formats or large files. Then you come with these tricks continues:

WhatsApp customize video format

The format, which prepares the fewest problems the Messenger is, mp4. Almost all smartphones and tablets save recorded videos in this format. Hooked sending the WhatsApp videos to the format, you should convert it accordingly in an mp4 file. This can be the same as cloudconvert online on various sites, for example, a cloud-based service. For this, the video is loaded on the provider’s server and converted here into the desired format. The tool provides the remainder of the conversion of archive and audio files, text documents, and even presentations or vector graphics. After conversion to the MP4 format WhatsApp should send the video easily.

WhatsApp video formatThe WhatsApp video format can be easily adjusted online.

Often it is not the format but the size will decide (just yet!)

If sending spite matched WhatsApp video format does not work, it may be due to the size of the clip. The Messenger sent only files with a maximum size of 16 MB. Depending on the recording quality that is a shooting time of one and a half to three minutes. If the video that you want to send, be longer, it can be either cut or compressed. We explain how both variant work directly on the smartphone.

Cut the video

There are a number of apps that can be cut and edited video mobile. Whoever his cell phone but do not want clutter for a single clip with such a tool can grip to a comfortable online version here. Sun offers 123Apps an editor who works for short videos and no extra download. The maximum file size is here at least 500 MB.

cut WhatsApp video formatUnnecessary can be cut away with this web tool.

The clip compress

Who wants to sacrifice a second of his videos, the clip can also simply save it in a poorer quality and minimize file size significantly. Here, too, online excellent tools that the clips can be scaled down without the need for pre-install an app find. Also, the above-mentioned Converter of 123 Apps provides a quick conversion. Simply clip to upload, select the mp4 format and choose among the options the point resolution mobile phone. By clicking on converting the video is saved to a manageable size and can be sent in connection easily via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp compress video formatThere are tools that can be compressed online clip to the appropriate size directly.