Word Hide comments in Microsoft – Here’s how!

you want in Show Word Comments or show that goes with a few clicks. read here how the comments (un) be made visible!

Occasionally, the comments may irritate in Word documents or distract from the text. Nevertheless, the margin notes are perhaps needed. Even if a document needs to be printed, the notes are not always visible. Therefore, but not a new, uncommented document must be created, because with a few clicks, users can send to the Microsoft Word 2013 Download the notes off and show it again.

In MS Word Hide comments - Here's how!

The road to success is a short here, but there are various possibilities. Find all under the menu item Check. In addition to the option to track changes, there are three drop-down menus. Based on the two top selection window can easily hide the comments in Word.

Show Word Comments

Hide comments and changes at once

If you select the top drop-down menu in turn opens up two ways to dispose of the notes. Firstly Completed option (not: Completed: Show markups!) And secondly the original menu (not: Original text: markup). Was to track the document without the mode changes created, it does not matter which of the variants to choose. Were the changes, however recorded, under the original, the original version and completed the revised version - each without comment - appears. If you want to display the comments again, done with the click View markup to the appropriate version including options.

Hide comments and see the changes anyway

The second variant makes sense if you indeed see the changes in the text, but Word wants to hide comments. To do this select the middle drop-down menu. Here can be individually set which text details are to be displayed. Depending on whether a check was put in to comment or not, they are shown - or not.

Tip: Via the menu item balloons can configure how the comments appear. If you choose the presentation with speech, a gray shaded bar appears on the right edge by the comments are visible. The second option is called: All revisions inline. Here, the comments only appear highlighted in color and marked with the name of the author. To read the content, the third and final drop-down window must reviewing pane are activated with one click.

edit or delete comments

To delete a comment, do is click in the respective balloon or the Reviewing Pane. To delete the marginal notes, you go with the pointer of the mouse on the appropriate comment. By clicking the right button to open a window in which the notes be formatted, link, but can also delete open.

Edit Hide comments Word

Under Word 2013 reply to a comment

Who would like to respond rather than directly to a comment the other hand, can in Word but version 2013. This is intended to be easier to follow the proposed changes. For this, the icon with leaf and arrow must be clicked within the comment. Following the commentary can be commented on, so to speak.

Hide and answer Word CommentsThat's what a Konverstation out in the comments below Word, 2013. Image: Microsoft.