see the best series of HBO in Germany

Around HBO in Germany to receive, series fans have to take a few detours. We reveal what possibilities there are, nevertheless to stream popular shows and movies legally!

HBO is an American television channel, which is mainly known for its sophisticated and complex series. In around 50 countries, the American station network can be received without any problems - the reception because of licensing is designed only in Germany problematic. Problematic; but not impossible! Well, a bit of trickery and trial and error is one of them, but in the end you can see the latest episode of your favorite series before anyone else - and throw a spoiler in the room when needed!

1. received HBO Nordic VPN

Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland all the contents of the channel associated with HBO Nordic few hours after the premiere broadcast available. To receive these in Germany, therefore, is necessary access from an IP address from one of these countries as well as a credit card for the monthly fee. We recommend downloading CyberGhost VPN for HBO Germany Reception. Occasionally strike HBO when playing via VPN. In this case our download area it offers numerous alternative VPN clients to anonymize your present location. HBO Nordic will cost about nine euros per month, making it the cheapest option to display series and movies of the sender legally.

HBO in Germany via HBO NordicHBO in Germany can be streamed over a VPN and the northern European offer.

received 2. HBO in Germany via app

also received a variant of all shipments in this country is the is the download of the HBO NOW app in combination with a VPN app. Irrespective of their own site can be accessed in connection with smartphones or tablets to the entire HBO program. These include not only lines but also movies, documentaries, sports events & Shows. This will be a monthly fee of 14.99 dollars a month overdue, all broadcasts can be received free of charge for one month after the initial registration.

HBO in Germany via HBO NOWalso, however, only with a VPN - HBO NOW enables the streaming of the program.

3. Sky Atlantic for series lovers

to receive a third variant HBO in Germany is Sky Atlantic. The pay-TV channel specializing in broadcasting the series production of HBO. Since November 2015 +1 HD will broadcast the program the transmitter also one hour delayed with Sky Atlantic. However, for a Sky entertainment subscription must be completed with a minimum term of twelve months. Among the monthly cost of 21.99 euros (with discount offers 11.00 euros in the first year) additional costs for activation (19.00 euros) and a logistics fee of 12.90 euros are added. Overall, this offer is indeed the most comfortable of the three options, but also a relatively expensive pleasure.

HBO in Germany via Sky AtlanticWith Sky Atlantic the HBO series can be officially received in Germany - for a steep price.

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