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Business plan

The business plan is one of the indispensable basic and documents when it comes to issues of raising capital. Whether founders seek or grants for the start of their trade already established business owners want to encourage banks to granting of loans for investment, to German and business plan called brief represents an essential basis for argument.

Business plan set up with the business plan download

This same here Business Plan Download attacks especially beginners useful for creating our figures together with the associated written documentation under the arms, saves certainly but also more experienced business people one way or another hour of work, like so many downloads from the financial sector from our offer. To this end, the Freeware their users an Excel template in XLT and a Word template in DOT file format for manual filling ready, for which the tabular part activated macros requires.

Very large Excel template

If one has these miniature programs granted permission to work, they facilitate the bringing together of the quite large number of work, which is part of each business plan. included welcome, Terms, language, version control and instructions for internal help function extends the free business plan template say over and write 55 spreadsheets. Against this extent, however, one must not scare unduly, because only 18 of these tables illustrate the creator of dealing with the template.

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Business plan template in German, English and Turkish

The remaining sheets are available – the term language suggests – except in German and English and Turkish, which by the way also applies to the Word component of the free business plan. enumerate all these spreadsheets along with their functions, certainly therefore beyond the scope of this article, a Excerpt of the topics in the Excel template be covered:

  • sales plan
  • personal plan
  • Rental costs
  • leasing costs
  • office expenses
  • Fleet, resources and associated costs
  • Insurance
  • advertising costs
  • Cost of goods handling
  • Investment and depreciation
  • changes in inventories
  • Sales and business tax
  • Income Statement
  • liquidity plan
  • profit calculation
  • balances
  • figures
  • breakeven
  • … and a few more.

Create business plan templates with excel and word templates

A number of these tables must for a complete business plan for three years be filled, including about financial plan and liquidity plan, income statement and balance sheet, resulting in the high number of tables. For this, a one-man startup must certainly not invest too much time for the sheet staff plan and a fleet probably has nowhere to entertain any entrepreneurs. Yet should be scheduled at some processing time to create the business plan, because in each table no small amount of data and information must be entered. But since this is at least in part automatically converted into graphs and charts are well worth the effort – and even more so when the carefully prepared plan for the approval of the hoped-for results means.

Word template for the written part of the business plan

To the chagrin of many a user there is a business plan not only from tables, figures and graphs, but also requires a written formulated ingredient. Filled advance you do not get this while downloading the Business Plan Template, but the writing is finished formatting, specifically including all headings, including several tags for required content of the written business plan. Whose outline reads as follows:
* Summary
* Products, Services
* The sales market
* Competition
* marketing
* logistics
* production
* Management and Consultant
* risks
* Economic Development / Finance
* Offer to investors

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Each of these chapters further divided into further sub-chapters, making a stately may work may occur depending on the desire to write of the editor. If all of the points contained in the business plan template must actually be verschriftlicht, certainly depends on the size and characteristics of their own industry and should probably be clarified with a counselor, about the locally competent Chamber of Commerce in advance. When looking for advice centers and other useful institutions of the sector also the Links contained in the Excel spreadsheet useful.

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