SimCity BuildIt Cheats: Trick for fast metropolises

SimCity BuildIt Cheats: Trick for fast metropolises

With these SimCity BuildIt Cheats can shorten the long waiting times in the mobile Bausimulator, collecting golden key and make the virtual citizens happy players.

Be careful with SimCity Buildlt cheats for more money

Those who want to quickly create a large metropolis after SimCity BuildIt download, requires extreme patience. Another alternative is the purchase of virtual SimCity currency that can be accelerated time.

Looking for SimCity Cheats BuildIt push users to numerous line extensions and hacks, which are intended to increase the mayor’s account. Here considerable caution: At best it is spam, which is an advertising bombardment. In more severe cases the approach an expensive app subscription or even charges a virus on the smartphone. The user should leave before the programmed hacks fingers and prefer to resort to other, legal tricks.

SimCity BuildIt Cheats

Offline mode SimCity BuildIt save construction time

One of the major annoyances in the free app SimCity are the eternally long construction times. Each raw material needed for the production of a few minutes and larger buildings can take days to complete. Impatient users can, advance with a trick time literally.

First SimCity BuildIt is completely finished. After that, in the settings of the mobile device Airplane mode is turned on. Now users can put the time as far as it is necessary for the completion of the new element. Once you start the game and again, there are the buildings on the state of the new time and urban planning can proceed. One has to but remain in offline mode always.

In addition, one should note the following:

  • After time manipulation is playing only in offline mode possible. So no trade can be operated and visits to other cities is also not possible.

  • The time change only works in the future. If one time in offline mode back, a login is no longer possible.

  • If the game is connected to the Internet before the set time has actually occurred, the scores of the server to take effect. So that the new results are actually stored, you should only after exceeding the self-imposed time with the internet connect. This does not mean that all the time you have to be offline with the mobile device. Only the game should not be started for the time saved.

  • to play in offline mode, may at the SimCity not from other devices get extended. This means that the online saved games are automatically synchronized with all devices.

SimCity BuildIt cheats Offline

This trick is one of the few SimCity BuildIt cheats that enable rapid urban development. Unfortunately, it is in the off-trick merely borrowed time. Nevertheless impatient players can benefit if they can wait for the time after productive day’s work instead of insert minutes long pauses at each building.