McAfee Internet Security provides comprehensive protection against Internet threats. In addition to antivirus and firewall security package brings further useful functions, such as online backup, parental control and data shredder.

McAfee Internet Security download for protection against viruses and malware

McAfee Internet Security is the watchful eye of the Internet. The PC bouncer warned before visiting shady websites that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic and already verified the files stored on the hard drive. Optional scan by pressing a button, at any given time or only during work breaks are executed when the computer has left sufficient resources. In addition to these "the usual suspects" brings McAfee Internet Security with a number of other practical tools. Per parental control access for the next generation is regulated to specific sites or times.

protect files and folders from the threat Datengau

The File Shredder erases data recovery safely from the disk, the disk defragmentation tool reorganizes data on disk for faster access and data backup by files and folders are also protected from the threat of Datengau. On request also store user files on a secure McAfee servers. 1 GB of storage space is included in the package. In addition, the current version of McAfee Internet Security promises an improved protection against attackers who want to integrate the computer into botnets.

McAfee Internet Security DownloadMcAfee Internet Security download an all-in-one security solution against viruses, worms & Co.

McAfee as veteran security software

The so-called "Active Protection technology" also offers protection against emerging threats that can analyze the antivirus software and block the manufacturer. McAfee is one of the veterans among the security softwares. Since felt 100 years, the security specialist Internet users stands alert to the side and also brings in the latest version with all what it takes to do so. Who can do without the many brought additional functions, should also take a look at the little brother: McAfee AntiVirus Plus.

Limitations of McAfee Internet Security

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