The free IKEA Kitchen Planner allows planning a kitchen directly in the browser. To do this relies on the complete IKEA articles fundus comes to kitchens. For a browser app of IKEA Kücheneinrichter is really well done. Here one may admire what the browser In Currently technology actually gives us great addition to games and simulations shadow. In addition to numerous furnishings are available floor plans, windows, doors, bay windows, many (non-IKEA) flooring and much more. Sons lish white driving actions underscore such as walls or paper, hanging pictures, move furniture or just before just one more window move far away with the free online facilities planner few clicks. Minor complaint, however: The editing window might be a bit bigger. The handling of the IKEA Kitchen Planner is simple, after applying a free access at IKEA you can even save and undo of processing steps, if necessary, may be correct in practice. Like the fact that you can put in one click the complete planning in the shopping cart and order. Who wants to buy the new kitchen at IKEA anyway, is the competent planning partner from A to Z here. Note: Those who want to plan more than just kitchens, draws on the IKEA Home Planner. While that is a bit dusty and waives the catalog, but it offers the much larger range.

Limitations of IKEA Kitchen Planner

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