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The free quiz Akinator brings basically the classic board game Who am I? in a contemporary form. The virtual genie guesses namely the player invented personalities, achieving an amazingly high hit rate.

Akinator Download: Perplexing quiz game

This works for a remarkably simple principle: If you have chosen a person, the Akinator download seemingly random questions like that person was alive? Or Is the person male or female? and so on. In response options are each Yes, No, I do not know, probably, and probably not in the list. Wen bit addresses this gameplay, finds plenty of free quizzes for download in our software portfolio.

Available Akinator app for different platforms

Provided you are the as a web app for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry available Akinator the correct answers to his questions, the genie typically draws amazingly quickly close the circle. Often he finds the imaginary person to less than ten questions.

Akinator download

Additional fun it is that has not heard of Akinator of poker face. the genie imagines himself on the wrong track, it loses clearly composure and gets too hard sweat. However, one should as players from not let a false sense of security, because the cunning fox actually to bring to failure is not an easy task.

Virtual genie can guess pretty raw pot "celebrities"

Even – or rather especially – completely unknown persons brand "My girlfriend" or "Your mother" identifies the Akinator download very quickly in most cases. But even pronounced niche celebrities rarely miss the ingenuity of the quiz genius.

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More fun with background knowledge

Thus Akinator really fun, you should already over some knowledge to the person in question have to answer especially the questions truthfully. Although one can defeat the genie by false statements, but that does as little mood as answering the most questions "I do not know"… How often the Akinator is right, it shows itself somewhat proud in the form of statistics of the last ten games that fades in the Web app when called. Red, so guess wrong, are here marked the fewest name.

Akinator app for free on all platforms

Has a small hook but then to offer the Akinator. Not at all mentioned platforms the quiz game is free available. this applies to the Web app, and Android, there is a freeware and a pay version. If you want to measure the rate of specialists under iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch, Windows Phone or Blackberry, must first reach into his pocket. But though not particularly deep, because the two-euro mark the Akinator exceeds app on any of the platforms, and the fun should then but also value.

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