Driving School 2016

Driving School 2016

Driving School 2016 App provides a realistic driving experience on phone and tablet. The free application scores with different types of vehicles, routes and individual adjustment options. Anyone who wants to learn to drive here gets an insight into the operation of cars, trucks& Buses.

Driving School 2016 App

The Driving School 2016 is a driving simulator that scores not only for cars, trucks and buses with different routes and a multiplayer mode. The app offers 10 different cards in cities, on roads or on the highway. The simulation offers an authentic driving experience with clutch and gear shift and a detailed interior of the vehicles. In total there are 50 levels with different driving situations.

Realistic driving experience

Although the app scores with the most detailed graphics in the history of computer games, for all relevant details was paid to a correct representation. Sun can be found in the “interior” of the vehicles all the usual features – including an adjustable steering wheel. Engine noise and squealing tires are of course also on board. Who is looking for a realistic driving simulator, has found with the Driving School 2016 app the perfect tool. can not learn to drive with the application of course, but users get a feel for the needs of different vehicles, tracks and weather conditions. Even on accidents or mishaps, players must set.

Driving School 2016 AppWith the Driving School 2016 App a relay genetic simulator comes on to the smartphone or tablet.

Varied thanks to various game modes and numerous levels

Overall, the app has 10 cards with different road conditions, landscapes and weather conditions. A total of 50 levels can be completed. Each one of them offers a unique driving situation and new challenges. The Driving School 2016 app scores with a smooth and realistic driving feel. In addition, the app offers a free multiplayer driving mode, which is available at the moment but only in the basic functions. Some variation for the various models of various types of vehicles provide. So the entertainment value is also the long term. Thanks to the online leaderboard users can compete with other players and check their progress.

Free driving simulator with in-app purchases

The driving simulator, there is a free download for iOS and Android. In addition, the usual freemium games restrictions can be purchased or canceled or added extras via in-app purchases. So there are certain cars like the hypercar only to hard real money. But even without financial input, the app promises for a long time a lot of variety and driving pleasure.