VLC media player for Android

On Windows, the name VLC stands for years for a lean player who has to capitulate as good as any of the numerous media formats. Now the manufacturer is preparing to conquer the robotically operated mobile world under the name of VLC media player player Android.

Player Classic enters with VLC Player Android the mobile world

One in advance: Even if the VLC Player Android currently still in its beta shoes, the trip to the Android platform is expected to become a successful expected. Even in this preliminary release the free Android app came with the commercially available media formats smoothly clear, which are also automatically detected and sorted into libraries.

Optically clear structured Android app

Broken down by audio, video, directories and course of VLC player for Android grants fast and clear access to moving image and sound, stored on your smartphone or tablet. The corresponding Buttons are clearly divided and easily accessible at your fingertips, as befits a decent Android app.

VLC player Android

This also applies to the search function, which is popular with extensive holdings sometimes faster to the desired song or video supplied as the leaves in the libraries. This is also found at the top right of the Media Player as the button Open from online streams. Which streaming formats are supported precisely, the manufacturer can not yet clear, as examples can be found in the selection window HTTP, MMS, and RSTP.

10-band equalizer in VLC app included

Furthermore, this toolbar includes buttons for Repeat the last played file and to play the current song or video in an endless loop. Interesting also promotes a tip on the far right button placed to light, namely, among others, a 10-band equalizer to optimize the sound. Other options provide the settings, including about customizing the media to be read directories.

VLC Player app also uses hardware acceleration

assuming a correspondingly powerful Mobile can also use the here active hardware acceleration. This technique allows for better performance in the media player, but it is recommended by the manufacturer in Android versions below 2.1 can not be used as a rule. Also it fits into this menu the coding which is also supported subtitles on or is the surface paint on a black design to which suitable for low-light environments should be. Who also want to delete the history of the play list and the search function can also do this in the settings. That it is in the current version of the VLC Player is a beta for Android, menu developer is apparent. Here the freeware sets namely optional error logs with the help of crashes can be analyzed presumably to. Whether this is so, but could not determine the free app in the test for lack crash.

VLC Beta Android makes a sophisticated impression

Ever leave the free download of VLC Player Android already in this early stage of development a quite mature impression. Obviously you know the house of VLC what you do. As a shortcoming to let the Lack of a stop button determine when playing, here is merely a pause option. In addition, the beta showed no cover art , even if such were available. Given the otherwise consistently postiven impression this feature gaps as to get over more. Traderjob we find the VLC Player APK in two versions in the download area, once for processors from ARMv7 architecture and once for x86. Which drive is installed in the own mobile, can be determined with apps like Android Assistant. Those who wish to nevertheless aligning otherwise, finds a wide range of alternative video player for download in our software catalog.