to terminate problems magine TV? There is help!

Around terminate magine TV to, you have to consider some things. read here where to find the hidden function to terminate and what deadlines must be observed!

Dissatisfied with Magine TV? booked the wrong package? Then the Internet TV can be deactivated again. However, not always without problems. Whether directly on the site or after downloading the Magine TV app on the mobile device: We reveal how to get rid of the subscription!

circumnavigate problems and terminate magine TV online

First of all you have to under the device on which you have completed the subscription, submit the notice. the subscription was thus completed in the browser, it can terminate only on the website of magine TV. the service, however, was booked mobile, then the termination either through iTunes or the Google Play Store must be done.

terminate magine TVAlways terminate on the Registrierungsgrät magine TV. (Picture: magine TV / Editorial)

terminate on an Android device, the subscription

Who wants to terminate on an Android magine TV, find the setting in the main menu under the item TV package. The overview of the booked subscription scroll and select Manage. Now, the app automatically accesses the Google account and this can be found under subscriptions and advertise the package. However, it has turned out to be the test that can lead to problems on mobile devices. In this case, a trick helps: You register with the Google account in Chrome browser and opens here in the Play store. Under the option account all booked Subscriptions Find. Here you select magine TV and may terminate his booked package.

Magine TV terminate AndroidAndroid unsubscribe. (Picture: magine TV / Google / Editorial)

manage iOS packages

Similarly, the procedure when you have completed the subscription on the iPhone or iPad. Here the following path must be opened on that device. settings -> iTunes & App Store -> Apple ID -> Apple ID display (possibly with the ID reserve) -> subscriptions -> Magine TV -> Unsubscribe. If this does not work, mostly helps an account at iTunes in the browser.

Magine TV announce iOSIOS magine TV manage packages. (Image: Apple Inc.)

The cancellation of a subscription, which was booked in iTunes on Mac OS, works in this way: Open iTunes and sign in with the Apple ID -> account -> My Account -> Account information -> settings -> subscriptions -> Manage and edit here.

Magine TV announce Mac OSMagine TV terminate in iTunes on Mac OS. (Image: Apple Inc.)

cancel the service on the website

Was the Magine TV package booked in the browser, the cancellation is easiest. Simply call the provider's website and among the somewhat irritating name now uprgraden call the booked options. call up the desired package and finish here the subscription.

Magine TV terminate sitecancel the service on the website. (Picture: magine TV / Editorial)

The deadlines for cancellation

Even vacations and can easily terminate magine TV. The deadline is on Android and on the website only two working days; IOS just one day. The termination will come one after the completion of the previously booked term. So if you want to get rid of his package or remodel, pay attention to any lengthy notice periods.