Vectory 2023


Of the Vectory download supports the visualization and understanding of tasks of analytic geometry. In addition, the free math program helps to calculate the distance of objects or the determination of the cutting angle.

Vectory download for visualizing and understanding of analytical geometry

Vectory created points, segments, lines, spheres and levels. Levels are added either directly in parametric form, as coordinate equation and point-normal combination, or they can create three points or a point and a line. In addition, objects can be cut, normal (vertical, Lot) create and specify cutting angles and distances of straight lines or other objects. To better understand the math Freeware Vectory allows free camera flight through three-dimensional space.

This is done either dynamically using the mouse or by swiveling individual axes by camera-fine adjustment. Last but not least, can play Vectory recent actions in an animation. Where the GeoGebra has to bow out because of its restriction to two dimensions, the free vector program Vectory comes into play. The effort to learn the operation is very small, but the built-in eye-opening effect is greater. Recommended.

Vectory download

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