A maxdome disorder is annoying, especially if you have been looking forward to a pleasant evening with his favorite TV show or a blockbuster. But the problems can be resolved quickly!

Whether in the browser or by downloading the max cathedrals app: If the streaming service - for which one moves away at least a monthly mite - strike that is not the vendor, but the "receiver" in most cases. But before you start on with the restart of equipment, routers or deleting several apps that should be checked in advance.

maxdome disorderOfmrals the reason for a max cathedrals disorder is the Internet connection.

maxdome Disorder: Finding the Cause

Whether the problem is offered or a self reveals allestörungen.de the page. Here the problems of the last 24 hours are collected and the device on which max cathedrals just strike (Smart TV, app or browser). In addition we present you current disturbances emanating from the manufacturer, to the Twitter and Facebook profiles of max cathedrals. Here is a problem listed, actually helps only one thing: wait until the max cathedrals fault is corrected again. But in most cases the problem is not here, but in a bad Internet connection or software conflicts.

Problems with internet

The best providers can only ensure a liquid stream if the Internet connection is stable and has a corresponding bandwidth. If this is not the case, this can usually be corrected as follows:

  • disconnect and reconnect
  • enhance wireless signal
  • establish a LAN connection
  • Remove the router about a minute from the network and restart
  • Search on the above page for interference with the Internet provider

Software Problems

More rarely there max cathedrals failure due to software problems. To find out if there really is a fault in the program you use, you should start max cathedrals on another device. Does the stream here, you can do the following for the original device:

1. Problems on the PC

  • Update of the browser used
  • Updating the Windows 10 App
  • Update Microsoft Silverlight
  • Deleting Coockies and cache
  • Restart the computer

2. Problems in mobile devices

  • maxdome works switch to Wi-Fi only when connected to the WLAN in mobile connection
  • Close app and restart
  • uninstall app and play to the device again
  • Restart the device
  • Do not use rooted devices

The problem is still there?

If you have all attempted solutions tried to have up and running without max cathedrals, helps only one thing: the support. This is open daily from 7:00 to 24:00 089/411 42 412 accessible to the fixed network tariff. WhatsApp users can get also via messenger under +49 1579 2368983 Help. These must be activated only with the message Start this option. One last option is the contact via E-mail to [email protected]