savings App

savings App

check quickly once the account balance, make a payment or check the inlet and outlets of the account. The customers can Sparkasse now underway – thanks to the savings App. The Android application is now bringing all the functions of online banking with a pocket size.

Prerequisite for using the savings bank app

Who other software in the field of finance or general online banking was far too inflexible, will be pleased with the savings bank app especially – provided it is a customer of the Savings Bank. To use the services of the app, the user must also already activated for online banking be. Either by HBCI with TAN / PIN or FinTS with PIN / TAN. With the app, users can now anytime, access from anywhere on their accounts. Be it before buying an expensive coat of brief look at the account balance or the spontaneous referral to a friend who needs a cash injection – with Sparkasse Android application is all that is no problem.

savings App

use all the savings offers on Android

With Sparkasse app users can many accounts, but all at a savings bank must be to manage mobile. Here are the application all types of accounts supported. These include:

  • Giro accounts
  • Call money accounts
  • Time Deposit Accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Loan accounts
  • LBS building society accounts
  • DEKA depots

Savings App Transfer

You can very easily on the go perform transfers and make standing orders or plan. Especially useful is the built-** SEPA Converter **. So no one needs when typing of the IBAN and BIC break your fingers, because the converter converts account number and bank automatically in this order. In addition, the Sparkasse Android application is useful if you are in a foreign city. is looking for the next Sparkasse helps the service function, all Machines and stores in the vicinity displays. Who goes spontaneously to travel, also can easily enable or disable the use of the cards for abroad.

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Savings App Card

Another nice gimmick is the so-called account alarm clock. This provides push messages from at activities on the account. However, this feature can enjoy only holders of Google accounts.

Protection mechanisms ensure safe financial transactions

The Android app of the Sparkasse uses the highest security standards they have TÜV confirm. This includes, among other things, that the interface for all communications with the banks have been examined. In addition, a encrypted data storage used and the transfer corresponds to German regulations, which also apply to the non-mobile online banking. Users can also password protect the app. With the integrated Autolock feature the app guarantees the highest safety all accounts even in case of theft or loss of mobile phone. Mobile online banking for savings bank customers Anyone who has one or more accounts at Sparkasse can look forward with the app on more mobility and flexibility. The application for Android brings all the features that are also known from online banking. Since mobile financial transactions, the security issue is doubly sensitive, the app comes with all the safety mechanisms.