Of the Craft templates Easter Download contains beautiful and especially for children and young people appropriate instructions for simple and creative Easter crafts. All craft templates for Easter time to print are in popular PDF format and offer themselves for quick expression for fun Easter tinkering.

Craft templates Easter Download: Easter tinkering as PDF manuals

The craft templates Easter are kidsweb.de from the web service provided free of charge. Among other things, these show how children make or a bunny in a washing glove produce a funny Easter chick Easter grass. All Easter handicrafts are described in detail in words and pictures and the need material is indicated.

Craft templates Easter DownloadCraft templates Easter Download for Printing in the popular PDF format (image: pixabay / Editorial)

Funny Balloon chicks tinker in 20 minutes

The children learn to the craft templates Easter download, for example, how they tinker a balloon chicks. You will need about 20 to 30 minutes at craft time. As the material, an air balloon, adhesive film, moving eyes, feathers, glue, 2-cent coins and Tonkarton are required. The Working creatively in PDF format will be printed and transferred to construction paper and cut out. Afterwards the kids blow up the balloon and tie him. On the balloon of the comb will now be glued, by attaching it to the node with adhesive film.

Now the wings follow on the sides of the balloon. Thereafter, the bill is bent and also ends up with adhesive on the balloon. the eyes are still glued on the beak and feet under the balloon. So that the balloon chick has a better standing, come some two cent coins under his feet. At the very end, the balloon chicks can be decorated with feathers.

Craft templates Easter Download Easter craft instructionsEaster craft instructions to the chicken from a garden glove from balloons chick (Picture: Kidsweb.de)

PDF craft template for filter bag hare

Lustig and simple is also the crafting of a filter bag hare Tonkarton, filter paper and glue. Again, there is a matching PDF Working creatively, which print the children and cut out. The rabbit's head is slightly inclined adhered to the narrow side of the filter bag and adhered paws. the feet are now down easily inserted and glued into the open bag. Even the filter bags Easter Bunny is ready!

Here come all the offers and Ideas while crafting templates Easter Download Overview:

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Craft templates Easter Download Easter BasketsSpring flowers and Easter Baskets tinker (Picture: Kidsweb.de)

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Craft templates Easter egg carton rabbit DownloadFrom the egg carton rabbit to Osterhorn (Picture: Kidsweb.de)

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Craft templates Easter Download Easter treasure chestEaster treasure chest and Easter Bunny Garland tinker (Picture: Kidsweb.de)

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