Many do not know that smartphones have multiple caches. The Android Delete Cache, So requires knowing what. We clear on when it makes sense. Here get all cache Facts!

The information on Android caches are very different. Most use the term, but actually mean the cache of apps that can be easily removed by hand or by using an application such as downloading from the Clean Master for Android. In addition, there are other cache "types".

Android Clear Cache: But what?

Caches are temporary storage for data. Systems such as a Windows PC or programs such as browsers they use to make data available faster and thus accelerate their work. Also, Android devices follow this principle.

Android Delete Cache

Various forms cache on the Android

On an Android device, there are three different types of caches in which data is stored.

  • (1) Caches of apps: These caches are used in most sources when they talk about wanting to clear the cache Android. Each app stores data between, to remove this data is not a problem.
  • (2) Cache partition: This is temporary data such as videos, which stores, for example, YouTube there, so they can be viewed offline. But images are saved here among others. This form can be found in the directory tree under / cache.
  • (3) Dalvik cacheThis cache depends on the directory tree under data / Dalvik cache. The Dalvik is similar to the Master File Table (MFT) of Windows and is created when you install an app or ROMs. He is also a buffer for resource-hungry apps and ensures that they run smoothly and quickly.

Deleting the Android caches: How to

Who wants to delete Android caches can do that, at least from a practical, do all three variants. However, it is not always necessarily useful. A permanent erasure can be counterproductive because more data and energy produced and thus the system is made unstable under certain circumstances.

delete Android CacheClean master

Clear app cache

Running an app unstable or is extremely slow, it is recommended that you delete your app cache.Either you will access a tool such as the Clean Master or app cache cleaner. But it is also very easy manually:

  • In the smartphone access the settings and including the App Manager.
  • There, all apps are listed. you want to clear the cache the app in, click.
  • Cache button will appear further down whatsoever.

Clear Cache Android Apps

Clear cache partition

Who wants to delete the Android cache must first switch to recovery mode of the device. For this, switch off and when turning, select the appropriate key combination that is different depending on the device. Press with Samsung for example, volume Volume Up key and Power button at LG it is the volume-down button and power button.

Now the text console of the recovery mode, where the user now selects "wipe cache partition" in the menu appears. it restart the unit afterwards, done.

Deleting the Dalvik cache

At the Dalvik cache you should really only make creating, when an application presents great problems. But you should have previously tried other approaches - the Dalvik cache should be considered an emergency. Or you want to install custom ROMs, and then you can delete this Android cache. To delete or reset the user can use the utility ClockworkMod Recovery.

delete Android Dalvik Cache

IMPORTANT: Who is looking for space, is the Dalvik cache at the wrong address. Once you restarts the device, the cache is also completely rebuilt.