Minions Paradise ™

Minions Paradise ™

In the Minions Paradise App operatives take the yellow being on a deserted island – and involuntarily. Originally, the secret stars of I were – Despicable on a cruise. Due to the skill of the clumsy minions Phil the swank steamer rammed a less glamorous but more destructive mountain – and sank beneath the waves. due to a lucky coincidence he did so, however, near an almost dreamlike island, which must now be transformed from blame supporting Phil into shape and into a holiday paradise.

Minions Paradise App

The Minions Paradise app: poke made by Electronic Arts

With Minions Paradise for Android EA released another Free2Play game. The base here corresponds to a classic construction game. After exploring the island, the game starts – understandably – to set up a bar Later in new buildings must be built, and the food supply and electricity will be ensured.. Here, the game benefits from a lovely graphics and funny ideas. Electricity is generated, for example, of eels and the island is full of hot tubs, hammocks and beach volleyball courts. Funny animations and a whole series of mini-games provide extra fun. however, inhibits the fun that an Internet connection must be available permanently for the application.

Minions Paradise App Mini Games

No Minions without villain; no Free2Play game without in-app purchases

As in the film there is a villain in the Minions Paradise App. And not only. Gradually, other figures of the films can unlock and build departments in which villains plan their next crimes and relax the Minions. These missions must be completed successfully in building games usual. And of course there are two currencies in which we expand the territory, buy items or can unlock objects. And of course you can top up with real money, the virtual bank account. About sense and nonsense of this financing concept has been talked shop often. should at this point be merely pointed out that such cost traps can be blocked on the settings in the Play Store and Minions Paradise is playable without the need for real currency for Android – even with a high entertainment value.