Photoscape 2023


Photoscape is mainly beginners as multi-purpose tool in the field of digital photography. Under one roof you can find here RAW converter on image editor and image viewer through to GIF animator a wide range of useful helpers on the subject.

Photoscape Download has many image editing tools on the computer

The term range is quite literally to understand because of the start screen is displayed after the Photoscape Download whose individual components comparable to the color mixer for painters. The circularly arranged icons lead to the individual tools on, which are but partly also accessible via tabs. Even this view proves that PhotoScape does not need to hide in our software catalog behind other image editors for download. This bar can be found in detail the components Viewer, image editing, batch processing, album, combine, GIF Animator and the print function. In addition to the free download of Photoscape from the palette out of the already mentioned RAW converter, Renamer, color picker, image splitter or even a screenshot tool reachable.

photoscape download

Image processing optimized wayward Digital Pictures

For amateur photographers, the department imaging should represent with the most interesting one gets here but without much effort and knowledge still a lot of slightly wayward shots out. Image parameters such as Brightness and color, contrast, and the so-called Level can be influenced here. moreover corrected Photoscape blur, allows various filters run on the digital images, she draws soft or gives them the impression that they had been taken with backlight. Also be crop photos here, provided with digital frame or postprocess manually by means of drawing and retouching tools. Practical: The free download Photoscape provides special editing helper with that around red eyes and moles in portrait photos To take care of. And one slips up once, can the processing steps also reversed with a click do.


edit images in part by Batch

At least in part, one turns the image optimizations by means of batch processing to multiple photos in one of Aufwasch. Photoscape is also in this tab additional effect filters such as sepia toning, vignetting or grayscale converter to. option proves to be useful, once made, and to be able to save for reuse for valid settings.

make photo albums and contact sheets

The tab album, however, offers a number of templates for placing their own recordings on the divided leaves. Simply drag&Drop; people are jumping with Photoscape Layouts for photo albums the factory. Although you either export them as JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF or TIF, but unfortunately there is no way to increase the standard resolution of 96 dpi, whereby the output data only partially for printing suitable. For digital publishing the amount of data but always enough. In addition, it affects the framework width and color to his taste and / or completes the photo corners. Even a few image enhancements can be done directly in this rudimentary layout.

In the Combine tool, however, the Photoscape Download more Photos for horizontally or vertically oriented strip and said rectangular checkerboard images assemblies together. However, the dimensions of which can not be freely influence, but are based on references such as the pixel dimensions of the largest or smallest selected image. For that eventually inserted frame to his desires one fits here too the width and color and hidden option in the file name. Thus, this tool is, for example, to create contact sheets. Here too, Photoscape JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG and TIFF formats to export, but again without access to resolution.

Create GIF animation with GIF Animator

The still popular and widespread animated GIF images generates the corresponding entertainer in a rather straightforward manner. As in the other Photoscape tools you put here the desired images using drag&Drop; on the user interface from, whereby the order of reproduction is determined. The Display duration of the images it is usefully either frame by frame separately or can each photo appear different lengths on the screen. can unfortunately only be global Slideeffects to assign. These push the individual components either from the image or dazzle with an intermediate step of background color, black or white, the next photo one. Of the GIF Animator of Photoscape Downloads can, moreover, the manually adjust the pixel dimensions , but also based on the of the first, largest or smallest inset image sizes. Whether the work result corresponds to their own ideas, can be both an internal preview and in a Preview in Browser check. It makes sense: Exceeds the chosen measure of GIF animation a certain file size Photoscape is a warning from which points to be expected for slow play.


suitable for print out images

The department Print divided in Photoscape into two areas. First, the function Paperprint would be there to call, which can be reached from the home page the free images from arranger. Here is brought alongside various Templates for calendars also line forms on paper, namely normal Rulings for exercise books as well as special templates for music notations. Second, the regular print function helps create images summaries quickly and print, namely as Quick Print or Contact Sheet. Similar to the album pages tool you are here at the request the file name from, as well one fits by the image size to the number of photos per page to his wishes. In addition Photoscape optimized here the gamma value, converts color to grayscale images to or has a sepia effect to the recordings. Also, as far as possible to the optimal utilization of the printable paper space itself which is completed by an optional automatic rotation of images used this tool care.

RAW convert to JPEG with graphics converter

Also from the home page accessible is included in the download of Photoscape RAW converter. This reads a wide range of data stored on a digital SLR raw data and converts it per batch in JPEG files around. Of options the converter using the camera white balance keeps ready if possible, or in the opposite case the use of a automatic correction of the color temperature. Who also emphasizes fast conversion or want to consider the JPEGs only for preview purposes, the make conversion at half the file size.


Rename pictures in batch mode

For preserving the overview even with large image collections to offers Rename tool at. In one go renamer this file name is changed to the effect that, for example, recording date and / or numbered to the numbers to be added. But there are other additional Umbennungs options to choose from, which is about just by counting the pictures or generate the photo name from the date and time. In conclusion would be available for free download Photoscape nor the two tools Color Picker and Screenshot to call. The latter snaps images of the monitor events, namely either the entire display, an active program window or an arbitrary region. resulting Screenshots are stored either in the Windows clipboard or even directly opened in image processing module Photoscape for further revision. Erstgenanntes extracts using a dropper Color values ​​from any area of ​​the screen. For this first Photoscape draws on a selection that appears in enlarged form in the program interface. Thanks to this zoom colors of individual pixels can themselves determine which both hexadecimal and RGB values are displayed. Unfortunately, only the hex value by clicking finds its way into the Windows Clipboard, which is a sensible thing after all, for tasks in web design.

Free photo editing for beginners

Given the huge range of tools, the term panacea for Photoscape appears to be almost an understatement. However, already advanced are expected at the but partly reduced functions encounter, with the lack of DPI adjustment in some areas of the otherwise commendable picture arranger be mentioned here especially. The UI does not seem very contemporary and sometimes a bit confusing. After a very short time but you get quite to the graphical appearance of Photoscape.