Metin2 an outdated Asian-inspired fantasy game on the computer. The free online role-playing game brings the player as a wizard or warrior in a fantasy world full of war, monsters and strange creatures.

The Metin2 Download puts players in a far eastern fantasy world

As befits the genre in games, it’s all about honor, gold and gaming experience. If you have chosen a character, it goes on the trip. The player encounters strange creatures and must solve numerous tests and tasks to complete. In order not to stand all alone, various assistants accompany the player in Metin2 the beginning of his adventure. But soon have to show courage and skill, if you will go far. In the Far Eastern-looking world of free role-playing game you plunges as a warrior or ninja addition, two magically gifted classes to choose from. Thanks to the colorful graphics and a variety of players of Metin2 download for lots of fun makes.

Metin2 can be played for free

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Metin2 was published in 2005 by the Korean company Ymir Entertainment. In this country it is sold by Gameforge. According providers were in July 2012 more than 6 million players active in the fantasy worlds of Metin2. The free RPG financed since the abolition of game penalty in May 2007 by micropayments. Compared to some other online RPGs is no one-time fee or monthly fee.

Metin2 download

The player is Metin2 in search of a meteorite

For background story: the fictional world of free online game is overthrown by a meteorite impact into chaos and split the united German Empire into three smaller kingdoms (Shinsoo, Jinno and Chunjo). The impact of the Metin Stones ensures that a tough fight between the rich arises, all of which attempt to usurp power. In addition, in the flora and fauna new, wild creatures that need to be combated or to appease arise. A player’s task is to find the mysterious meteorites and destroy the Metin Stone.

Four character classes to choose from

The player has to start choosing which of the three kingdoms, he would like to belong. To help you decide the very different objectives of the kingdoms serve. Each game type is addressed here, from fighters and strategists through to the dealer. In addition to its class (Warrior, Ninja, Sura or shaman) each player has yet certain as a specialization "teaching", The character classes, the warrior is ideally suited for close combat, while the Ninja are capable rangers. Shaman put a magic that Sura use dark magic powers.

Metin2 Download RPG

Of the Metin2 download by the way now completed via Gameforge Live. This gaming platform, we also offer separately for download. More role games can be found for free download in our software offering. Fantastic adventure away from the Western world Metin2 is a attractively designed online multiplayer role-playing game, However, fires no sensational graphic spectacle. This has the great advantage that keep the hardware requirements within limits. The gameplay is not too complex compared to most other major online role playing games. As exciting and enjoyable, the fantastic adventure turns away from the Western world precisely through the large community. Further advantages are the easy control and varied gameplay.