Update of 14 September 2017: Of the Thimbleweed Park Download finally got some new dates: From September 19 you can the point-and-click adventure gamble on iOS devices. On September 21, actually follows a version for the Nintendo switch and from 3 October Android users is their turn.

Original from 1 December 2016: Point-and-click adventure games are out? Certainly not. Still enjoy these games great popularity - it shows the success of games like the Telltale games. The developers of the classic Maniac Mansion and Monkey Iceland have now with the Thimbleweed Park Download right to create a new milestone. If that works, can try out at last.

"In a city like Thimbleweed Park a corpse is your lowest problem." - With this sentence one is also received in the new game of Monkey Iceland makers:

Thimbleweed Park DownloadIn Thimbleweed Park, we support among other Delores, facing critical dying town.

Bending puzzles after Thimbleweed Park Download

So as players we find ourselves in this small town again, once bustling with activity in the. But now the hotel and once the largest pillow factory in the country have closed and the business district is only a shadow of its former self. Delores, descendant of the founder of pillow factory is desperate. And now a body was also discovered in the river. The agents and Ray Reyes make immediately set to work to solve the crime. And now it's getting weird - starting with a few pigeons that more or less provide helpful tips and continue with clowns, embittered heirs or pillow Seller spirits. All of them with signs in store that will make things even more complicated than it already is. A total of five characters of the players accompanied on his search through the city.

Thimbleweed Park Download Ray ReyesTwo key characters are also the agents and Ray Reyes, who are already among themselves not entirely green.

The genesis of the project

had a crowdfunding project Terrible Toybox around Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, who were responsible for already Monkey Iceland parts and the popular Maniac Mansion, fans of such adventure games set in excitement worldwide. No wonder then that the original target of 375,000 US dollars was achieved quickly and you could seek additional financing Goals. Conclusion: Game will now run next game texts in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish as well as an English language edition on the mobile operating systems Android and iOS.

Thimbleweed Park Download ControlClicking we can move, take actions, select the Options dialog and collect items and use.

Since March 30, 2017, there is the game for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and on the Xbox One, and later as an app for Android and iOS. Other platforms, developers are not mutually exclusive.

Incidentally, the Thimbleweed Park Download a kind of sequel to Maniac Mansion. Unlike criticized then there was, it is intended to be no dead ends. Also on extremely stupid puzzles you've waived. Promised the other hand jokes are at least every two minutes. And "more stuff". Thus, the Thimbleweed Park of adventure games download portal adds download excellently into our list.