Error message: "WhatsApp just records audio on"? 2023

Error message: “WhatsApp just records audio on”?

Many WhatsApp users who just want to send a voice message is confronted with an annoying error message: WhatsApp just records audio on com google android googlequicksearchbox: interactor can not absorb right now, “it says. This is quite annoying. Here’s help!

WhatsApp just records audio onThe error WhatsApp records just audio on can be quite annoying when you just want to record a voice message. (Image: Screenshot WhatsApp / Editorial)

WhatsApp just records audio on: annoying bug on Android

Of a blessing, the other curse: the voice message. it is practically however all. It is not always one has free eyes and hands to type, but just want to tell someone something important without having to call immediately. So quickly losgequatscht finger on the record button and.

Just stupid when an error message of the whole thing makes a spanner in the works. but that is what happens currently some users of WhatsApp for Android. Once the message “WhatsApp records just audio on” appears, sending the voice message is in fact no longer work – at least not as long as your not wegklickt the error message. The suffix “com google android googlequicksearchbox: interactor” also does not explain the matter better.

WhatsApp just records audio OK GoogleThe error comes from a conflict with the voice control OK Google. You can solve the problem on the Google Preferences. (Image: Screenshot Google / Editorial)

The reason: OK Google

The error message occurs because of an intrinsic conflict: you can in fact occur if OK Google, which Spachsteuerung is activated. And that’s really not an error but a precaution on the part of Google. For so that the voice service is being used without authorization should be prevented.

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Especially among Android 7 Nougat of error is quite common, as OK Google is capitalized as voice control here fast times (unknowingly). They offer you as a user the ability to enable voice search on any screen by “OK Google” you say. And that correlates with the WhatsApp voice recording.

The corresponding settings are not so easy to find when you’re looking in the wrong place. The trick: Since this is a Google feature that need your disable it using the Google app. You can find no way to fix the error message on the regular system settings.

WhatsApp just records audio SettingsIn the settings you will find the right screws. (Image: Screenshot Google / Editorial)

The way out: OK Google Everywhere disable

So you can send voice messages again, So you need to disable any screen Google voice control. It works like this:

  1. Opens the settings in the Google app.
  2. Selects where the entry language.
  3. Seeks OK Google and typed it.
  4. On the next screen, the setting is found on any screen. Enables.

Another path leads you through your Google account. There you can pause the voice and audio activities under activities.

Now the voice recording via WhatsApp should work again and the message “WhatsApp just records audio to” a thing of the past.