mobilcom-debitel app 2023

mobilcom-debitel app

With the mobilcom-debitel app lets you change all the important settings, query data or find the nearest shop. Private customers with the tool in full control of their collective and used free minutes or SMS.

Full control with mobilcom-debitel app

After downloading the app, customers must first log in with the user name or mobile number and their password they use on the website of mobilcom-debitel. Was an account yet created, a corresponding account must be set up before using the app. Therefore a valid e-mail address is only required and set a password. Afterwards, all functions of the mobilcom-debitel app or the website can be used.

mobilcom-debitel appThe applications of mobilcom-debitel app in overview.

Functions of the mobile management app

The main menu allows access to the following functions:

  • Cost check: Here is spent free minutes or SMS ads and check the remaining volume of data. Additionally, the cost so far caused can be viewed or itemized be called.
  • Invoices: From here, users have access to all invoice documents.
  • My Account: This menu item, all relevant data can be managed, such as store a new address or update the bank.
  • Services: The services include the Store Finder and help around the user account and tariff.
  • Additional Options: Here is more flat rates can easily add book.
  • Tip: Use the tips on apps and tariffs, customers can benefit from the expertise of the provider.
  • Goodies: mobilcom-debitel retail customers can benefit from the numerous collaborations of the provider. There vouchers or concessionary of selected partners.
  • Contract extension: Under this point, the current contract can be viewed and also extend the same if necessary. Occasionally waving here credits and benefits as a thank you
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The operation of the app is very well laid out and intuitive to use. After initial difficulties, the app is running now also largely stable. Unfortunately, there are a few points where the provider could still working something. Thus, the data consumption on the one hand, for example, very imprecise and, secondly, also indicated a significant time delay. In addition, the initial registration can only be done on the site, but not within the app. Another shortcoming is that the application is available only for individuals, but not for business customers.