Is the use of discount Network Cinema legally or make users maybe even a crime? We have the service taken a closer look and give answers to all important questions!

Update of 29 May 2017:

The grace period for users of network cinema has expired. With the current judgment of the ECJ are also users of portals such as wetting cinema, M2k, etc. accountable and if necessary taking costly warnings of various firms. More our article reveals: Fatales streaming judgment of the European Court. Stay away from power cinema: Immediately therefore applies & Co.!

Original from 07/01/2016

Whether directly in the browser, on the YouTube channel or after downloading the network movie app on your smartphone or tablet: The vendor promises more than 2,000 full-length movies, completely free of charge and in some cases even in HD quality. Can this be right things?

With power cinema legally watch full length movies?

Is Power Cinema legal? Yes! The service is financed before by the insertion of advertising and shortly after the start of the film. Similar to private television broadcasting rights may be acquired on films like this. However, makes it a little in choosing the title noticeable brand new films or blockbusters are nowhere. Regardless of the movies that there are considered mind freely. The only condition: The Adblocker must be disabled for the display of advertising.

Network Cinema legallyOn all devices with network cinema: legal movies.

How do you recognize legal offers?

Who streams legally with network cinema, so on the legally safe side. But what one recognizes legal services anyway? Increasingly dubious dive sites on the net that offer totally free stream of blockbusters or hit movies. These include, movie4k or Burning Series. These sites are legally at least not safe. The providers of the sites take advantage of a gray area, by failing to provide the title directly to the stream, but only provide links to the movies. Users who use these services are also located in an at least legally questionable situation. Since when streaming - unlike the download - no copy is made, there are currently no recourse against users of these sites. The precise relationship explains this video:

But what we now recognize legal offers? There are several points. First, there is no legal portal that offers movies to stream, which are currently running in theaters. The rights of this would be just too expensive. Secondly, such an offer, of course, have to finance somehow. That is, there is either commercials or require users to pay for content. Optionally, the done by a monthly fee or per item. Typical examples are providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, max cathedrals or Watch Ever. Portals that are financed by advertising are, for example YouTube, MyVideo or clipfish - and even network cinema, which is a very large selection and temperate commercials one of the most pleasant deals to legally and at the same time free to stream movies. One last point, by which is legally different from questionable sites is the imprint. Legal services have the name and address, company form a contact possibilities in the imprint.