Cutting data calculator

Cutting data calculator

At the Cutting Data Calculator Download is it is a small, free calculator in engineering area dedicated to the handling of cutting tools and machine control in CNC milling. After calculating the average data, individual variables can be modified and the freeware immediately shows the new results.

Cutting Data Calculator Download: calculator for working with milling tools

The cutting data calculator calculates the cutting speed, feed per tooth and per minute, and the speed for CNC and machine tools. Per Enter key or the arrow keys on the change takes place in the respective next field. Of course, the user can also select a mouse click any field. Pressing the space bar deletes all entries and with the escape key cutting data calculator is terminated.

Cutting Data Calculator Download

Quick selection of fields via hotkeys

The underlined letters are so-called hot keys. When the user operates the corresponding key, passes the pointer to the associated field or the particular action is performed. By clicking on the question mark, you can get a little help, which explains the most important parts of the program short. To following sizes receives the cutting data computer data:

  • Cutting speed Vc (m / min)
  • Diameter D (mm)
  • Rotational speed N (-1 / min)
  • Feed rate Vf (mm / min)
  • Feed rate per cutting tooth fz (mm)
  • Teeth z

The cutting data calculator automatically calculates missing values

The cutting speed, the diameter and speed depend, of course, closely related. If one of the three values ​​is changed, the freeware automatically calculates the other two new. Similar to the sectional data computer at the feed rate, the feed per cutting tooth and the tooth number first: As soon as two of the three entries have been made, the little calculator presents the missing value and carries it into the appropriate field. Modern CNC milling machines running some with feed rates of up to 100 meters per minute and speeds of 100,000 per minute. Most, however, the current values ​​remain well below. Other industry solutions from the technical area are available in our software catalog for free download.