ABC Amber vCard Converter 2023

ABC Amber vCard Converter

ABC Amber vCard Converter are the contact details of electronic business cards in different file formats from. It is freeware up to the user, which should be included the applied fields such as full name, postal address, e-mail, phone, fax, gender, birthday, web domicile or employers in the export.

ABC Amber vCard Converter Download: Convert Digital Business

VCard electronic business cards are called, which can be transferred into the address book of mail programs or Personal Information Manager directly. These can be embedded in HTML pages and sent as a file attachment to an email. Smartphones also use vCards to store personal contact information. The usual filename-Eweiterung for vCard files is VCF. It is an abbreviation of "vCard file",

ABC Amber vCard Converter Download

read, export and import digital business cards

It is time for the user and labor-saving that many e-mail programs to read the digital business cards, export and import. However, the Support the vCard contact not always entirely accurate. Rather, vCards created with a very special program, sometimes unreadable and occasionally even the umlauts are lost in another application. A real quality is unfortunately not the case with the vCards.

see data from the electronic business cards and save

Of the ABC Amber vCard Converter Download ensures that the data contained in the electronic business cards can be easily opened in other programs and inspected. Supported output formats include the Freeware Standards such as PDF, HTML, or even the types of documents the Office components Excel, Word and Access. Database versions such as DBF can also be found in the extensive export list to CSV, and some more.

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Standard formats are supported by ABC Amber vCard Converter

As handy for BlackBerry users also the conversion proves in the IPD file type. Thanks to a batch ABC Amber vCard Converter brings any number of vCards in the desired format. The following are the complete list of supported formats: PDF, CHM, HTML, RTF, HLP, TXT (ANSI and Unicode), MS Word, DBF, CSV, XLS (Excel), XML, MDB (Access), TIFF, DCX, WordPerfect 6-12, HJT (TreePad) KNT (KeyNote) and MS Outlook. In addition, the contact with a mouse click can be copied to the clipboard. In the settings, the user can switch to a German language interface. However, this is very incomplete and only applies to the main menu items, so that much of the software remain in English.

ABC Amber vCard Converter download data fields

save vCard files in other formats With ABC Amber vCard Converter download are brought out one useful helpers on board to save the contents of vCard files in formats self-selected and make readable this way. The user can freely determine which data fields he wants to extract. On request also entire folders of digital business cards can be brought into the desired format.