If there is a ALDI TALK disorder, can have many different causes. Whether, and in which case you can help - find out here!

The mobile offering from the discounter ALDI has become well established. No wonder: users can use monthly cancellable tariffs without contract period at favorable conditions. Have the needs changed times, the rates can quickly and easily - be adapted even over the ALDI TALK app download.

ALDI TALK disorder

ALDI TALK disorder: uncover causes

Should it even be problems or failures, there's no equal to demonize his mobile provider. The causes may be quite different in nature. Under certain circumstances it is the responsibility. And even if the debt is at ALDI - problems and disorders, there are other vendors as well. Say, first you have to find out where the problem arises.

Troubleshooting the own smartphone

First, you should start his own troubleshooting the device. Perhaps a setting is not correct or you can not connect. Therefore, one should first take their own mobile phone under the microscope. Note: All tests should be carried out on a place where one normally has good network. Then you can check the following:

  • The trick is used for all problems: switch the unit off and on again
  • turn airplane mode on and off
  • Just insert the SIM into a different cell phone: check the SIM card
  • Check the smartphone: Insert a SIM card from a friend to the phone and see if you can connect to the Internet

Who finds in experiments that everything is fine -the ALDI TALK fault remains, however - goes to the next point.

ALDI TALK fault detection

Fault lies with ALDI TALK

To find out if other users are affected by the disorder, the user can access this page. There is usually all the failures of ALDI TALK are listed.

There is no message available, you can try the "Allestörungen" page of E-Plus, for ALDI TALK uses the E-Plus network. Is there no failure registered, it appears to be not a common problem.

ALDI TALK disorder Eplus

individual fault

it was based on the above steps still represent fault no cause for ALDI TALK, is retained on the direct contact. Users can reach the support in various ways:

  • Account Hotline: 1155 / The call is free and only for ALDI TALK customers
  • Service Hotline: 0177-177 1157 (costs vary according to provider for a call to the E-Plus network)
  • Call using the ALDI TALK app. Via click you can connect to the service
  • Contact form on the Support page
  • Direct chat on the support page

ALDI TALK fault contact