avast Grime Fighter 2023

avast Grime Fighter

avast! Grime Fighter sweeps garbage, malware and other performance brakes from the system. The shareware from the house of avast! scans similar to the popular CCleaner the current operating system and cleans it from malware and other data ballast. avast! Grime Fighter provides users with a control center for optimizing Windows. The tool analyzes the running on the system components at startup and identifies potential performance brakes. These include not only garbage as spyware, adware, viruses and bloated services. avast! Grime Fighter accompanies the user with cute little cartoon characters as Commissioner Piet or JustierJustus for system optimization. The helper accelerates Windows startup, removes crapware and bloatware and cleans existing browser installations. The shareware supports all major browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome. In addition, examined avast! Grime Fighter PC on aspects such as privacy of social networks. The tool accepts browser plug-ins and settings for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ under the microscope to ensure that personal data remains private. Also on hacking attacks knocks avast! Grime Fighter from the system. With the free avast! Grime Fighter penetrates the antivirus specialist avast! in the territory of System Cleaner CCleaner as one. The helper convinces with a clear interface and helpful wizards. A downer is available in the current version yet: avast! Grime Fighter is not Windows 8 compatible.

Limitations of avast Grime Fighter

Just scan in the trial, no cleanup.