Audio Recorder Freeware record what you hear 2023

Audio Recorder Freeware record what you hear

Who wants to record game soundtracks, Internet radio or sounds from YouTube clips, only needs the right tool: a Audio recorder. Now provides an overview of practical tools!

On occasions when you want to record is heard on your home PC, there is no shortage truly. Perhaps one has taken the music of PC games completely under the spell. Or you can just hear a great song on the Internet radio or want to extract the audio from a YouTube video. A good partner for these functions will include the No23 Recorder download.

Audio Recorder for universal images: No23 Recorder

Would not it be convenient if you could simply record what you hear on his computer? On the PC, this must not remain a dream. Users must ensure not amateurish hold a microphone in front of the boxes, but specialized audio can instead use recorder. The classic among these products is the No23 recorder. He has a few years under its belt, it does but still an outstanding job.

Audio Recorder No23 Recorder

The freeware records next to OGG and MP3 and WAV. The bit rate of the MP3 format is used to define between 8 and 320 kbit kbit itself. As in a classic cassette player you can see the recording level during recording. So you keep the quality always in mind.

Record what you hear with No23 Alternatives

There are also quite a few more audio recorder that can easily keep up with the classics. For example, the Free Sound Recorder records also been heard from the PC, be it music or spoken or an exciting soundscape.

Audio Recorder Free Sound Recorder

In addition, the recorder via line-in and turntables and CD players records. That’s not all: The recorder also also scheduled recordings are possible. The user simply set a time and determines the desired sound source, the rest to the program. In addition, the recording of Internet radio and online TV succeeds after downloading the Free Sound Recorder.

The third recommended representatives from the series Audio Recorder freeware is the Fox Magic Audio Recorder. However, this all-rounder is aimed not only to laymen, but it also has audio specialist.

Audio Recorder Fox Magic Audio Recorder

In addition to a constant bit rate, the program will provide the recordings with a variable bit setting. The latter option provides better quality with low file size, depending on the song. In addition, the user enjoys after downloading from Fox Magic Audio Recorder that files are automatically named. This makes managing mitgeschnittener audios also much easier.

Recording music without Recorder

The three aforementioned freeware products of the category Audio Recorder, as the versatile features show true all-rounder. Naturally it is with them recordings of songs from the Internet to create. One can the whole thing but also have significantly more convenient. So there are tons of Internet radio specialists who provide a huge selection of music that you can enjoy for free and legally. Before the then very popular online community in 2012 had to suspend their services, users were able to fish music free with Grooveshark. Today are the most popular streaming services Spotify, of course, or even Radio.fx. More on the subject can be free in the article Web Radio: Last.FM Download & Co. read.