Bing Translator

Bing Translator

Of the Bing Translator Download is owners of Windows 8 with translations of all kinds to help. The free app Win translated entered wildfire texts and picture texts into German or one of 40 languages.

Bing Translator download: translators Web App

The free Bing Translator binds with a typical tile on the home screen of Windows 8 a. Practical: All available language packs can be downloaded to the local machine, so that the user does not require internet connection for quick translations. Besides simple text entries recognizes and processes the automatic translator from Microsoft and texts in photos. So Tablet PC owners can take snapshots of foreign language newspaper articles, labels, signs or menus and translate into German webcam. In addition to translations between popular languages ​​such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, German or Chinese also less common languages ​​such as Danish or Hebrew are supported.

Bing Translator DownloadFast translations with the Bing Translator Download

With Bing Translator Microsoft provides a powerful universal translator free. The innovative camera translation and practical off-line translation translator make the app an excellent choice for students, language students and interpreters. A slightly scaled-down version of Bing Translator provides Microsoft also as a web app on the network, including users without Windows can access the service 8 or 10th This is webmasters in a special widget version in providing foreign-language translations for their content. This widget is easy via copy&Paste a code snippet integrated into existing sites and dominates even – Klingon …