Zorin OS 12 Core

Zorin OS 12 Core

Of the Zorin OS 12 Download is a free supple as an alternative for those who have missed the move to Windows 10th The operating system based on Ubuntu Linux is also suitable for beginners and comes with an optimal software package on the computer.

Quick and sharp: The Zorin OS 12 Download

Linux was believed to be fast, reliable, versatile and secure operating system – with the drawback that usability so not was the focus. No wonder, Linux was used primarily by experts. With the Zorin OS 12 Download the changes now prevail. Here the focus is actually on usability and intuitive operation. Many elements reminiscent of Windows, but with a touch of Android charm. In addition, the interface provides the following features:

  • The overview of all activities and open tabs can be opened by clicking on the logo button.
  • The universal search scoured not only the computer, but also software, text or files (even within applications), arithmetic problems and can be defined for specific places or times.
  • Notifications can be answered without interrupting the currently open application or stop having to.
  • Automatic scaling of screen resolution and brightness (if a light sensor is available) provide a comfortable work.
  • The icons shine design in a modern and vividly colored material.

Zorin OS 12 DownloadThe Zorin OS 12 Download promises modern Desgn.

The main programs and apps

In addition to the modern desktop environment called Zorin Desktop 2.0 download already contains a number of useful tools that can be used to directly losgelegt:

  • Text editor: LibreOffice
  • Browser: Chromium
  • Image processing: Gimp
  • E-mail management: Geary
  • Windows emulator: Wine

Thanks to Wine all programs that were designed for Windows can be started under Zorin OS. Next specially adapted to the operating system programs offered by the Software Manager. There are also a number of apps you can use to work on the PC after Zorin OS 12 download. Including these:

  • Maps: maps, satellite images, route planning, etc.
  • Weather: all predictions for the home and abroad
  • Photos: manages all images – including various online accounts
  • Files manages various portals such as YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Zorin OS 12 download toolsThe main programs and apps are already included in the package.

Perfect introduction to the system of Linux

so Zorin OS 12 offers not only all the applications that Windows users know and use, but also an area in which users quickly find their way. Much is reminiscent of the Microsoft operating system and some even looks much smarter than the “big brother”. Speaking of Big Brother: In regard to the protection of personal data is under Zorin surely the better alternative.