Zuma Deluxe

Zuma Deluxe

Of the Zuma Deluxe Download puts the player in an Aztec flavored maze. In this roll differently colored balls on a skull to.

Zuma Deluxe Download: Entertaining game with a successful graphic

Achieved the first ball the skull, the game is over. To prevent this, use is made of Zuma Deluxe a frog, from whose mouth it also shoots colorful balls targeted in the line of oncoming bullets. The goal is to be ranked at least three same-colored balls to each other, which makes this vanish into thin air and make room for their substitutes. This gameplay may sound unspectacular, but is enormous investigated forming.

In addition, Zuma Deluxe shines with its truly successful graphics and two different game modes. By the way: If you do not want to install the entertaining game that takes place on the Herstllerseite a web version called Zuma online.

Zuma Deluxe Download

Limitations of Zuma Deluxe

The trial version is limited to a playing time of 30 minutes.