Change Google Maps language made easy

Change Google Maps language made easy

can you ever navigate abroad and wondered about the strange outspoken street and place names? This avoids the problem, because you can also Change language Google Maps, to more easily find their way or to be guided at last in one’s native language through the world. Difficult is not, but it does take a little detour.

Change Google Maps Language: going through the system settings

Actually, it is logical: If the Google Maps app as well as the entire smartphone are set to German, but it is, for example, in an English speaking country, city and street names sound often kind of strange. This is simply because the German language edition can not guarantee English or other language words.

Change language Google MapsTo change the language for Google Maps, the entire system language must be changed. (Photos: editorial)

Within the Google Maps app it is unfortunately not possible to change the language and the voice output. Therefore, a small detour via the system settings you must accept – and unfortunately directly change the language of the entire device. That might be difficult if you are, for example, in China, the Chinese but is not as powerful.

For native speakers, however, or people who are at least as understand the local language, they still can get along on their smartphone AND confidence in themselves, to be led to that language through unknown areas, that should not pose any major problem. For safety, however, it pays to remember the way to the language settings of the device.

download voice data in advance

To change the language, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the settings of the smartphones or tablets.
  2. To the language settings, Language and input under System, navigate.
  3. Select up language and then tap the desired language from the list.
  4. Then select the same menu text-to-speech settings and also in the particular setup menu (gear next to the TTS engine) select the language. Theoretically, you can stay in the system language here, but since one has already changed them.
  5. For the benefit of voice data they need, when not already done, only through the Google Play Store or the internal Store (in the case of Samsung devices is the Samsung Store, depending on which speech is used) to be installed. But this happens very quickly through the settings, simply by changing the appropriate language is selected and is then tapped down “Install voice data”. Here can now select and download all the available data. Best done you this, as long as one is still in the WLAN because each voice data are some MB.

Change Google Maps Language System SettingsAfter successfully changing but the Navi uses the language selected in the port and also speaks place names correctly.

International traveling

Following you can close the settings menu and select Google Maps. Was to change the Google Maps Language successful, is now represented in all the appropriate language. And the voice output is now in this same language – including correctly outspoken city and street names.

By the way: Distance units can also be to switch between kilometers and miles – even automatically. So who is again on American roads, gets in this case, you can now force Mile statement on smartphone.