Site Journal

Site Journal

Of the download Site Journal helps architects, engineers and contractors with the necessary documentation of work on the site. The freeware takes for each construction day about the work performed and problems encountered, and thus helps to prevent cuts of the fee by the builders. In addition, the free construction documentation provides opportunities for reconciliation between the various parties involved and can be synchronized with mobile devices as well as via Dropbox.

Bautagebuch Download: Free template for construction documentation

The construction diary freeware is a modern solution for the recording of all important events at the site. Important data such as their own master data and the data provided by participating companies will be deposited in the program and are so simple mouse click in the selection list. This saves tedious, repetitive typing and speed up the construction documents clearly. The input of the people involved via Settings -> Edit company list. Here you deposited company name, name, address data, telephone and email address. However, the free construction diary software supports a maximum of five here involved in the construction of people / companies and five other companies. Thus the freeware is probably more suitable for smaller projects.

download Site JournalWith the construction diary download document the progress of construction companies. (Picture: Bauskript Software / Editorial)

Bautagebuch lead with all necessary details

to Construction documentation provides the construction diary in detail the following:

  • Construction status: Date and time and details for weather conditions, insert photos and text field for the power status and special events
  • presentHere attendees and companies from the previous list by are inserted, but can also be created right here.
  • disorders: Detailed documentation of all Bauhindernisse occurring defects and distortions, including photo documentation.
  • construction processDescription of the construction work, including time and interfering with structures and documentation of individual remittances to participating companies.
  • endorsements: Acquire awarded additional orders, inspections, measurements, notes on phone calls and other.
  • building materialsHere which company has used much of which entered and the corresponding construction note reference is noted. Building materials once used are the future in a list for selection by clicking ready.
  • plans & DocumentsAre documents received to plan for one of the involved in construction, can be entered in this including numbering and index as well as comment and attach a document.
  • equipment & machinery: List on the use of equipment, including hours of use and standstill, company and application. Once created entries can be selected at any time again.

download Site JournalThe construction diary download and is available as an app. (Picture: Bauskript Software / Editorial)

Print construction reports, save as PDF and send

any time pressure and export custom reports are available via the menu pressure. Alternatively, the construction diary are downloaded from the documentation for individual days or a selectable time period. The relevant data are extracted from the daily entered Baureports and clearly compiled. The following reports are available:

  • Current daily progress report
  • several daily progress reports
  • Project sheet
  • companies list
  • Baubesetzung time sheets
  • Service outlet
  • Pitfalls
  • disabilities
  • distortions
  • instructions
  • additional services
  • building materials
  • major construction work
  • Plans and documents
  • My reports

Practical: a report editor for the Free Site Journal software is integrated for the parameter custom reports. Here, layout and content for individual additional reports in XML format can be set, which then are also on the print menu. Too bad: The report editor is given in English. In addition to printing is available a function for sending Bautagesberichten via email. The subject is automatically generated from the project data, also site manager deposit here a standard text for shipment. The recipients are inserted at the request automatically from the list of participants.

synchronize construction diary online

For the balance of the construction documentation software with other stakeholders synchronization via Dropbox is integrated in the program. For this, simply access Dropbox required, the rest is quite simple with a few clicks using the File menu -> Synchronize with other devices. Here add users one Dropboxordner, and choose the direction of the operation. a helpful guide to sync with laptops or mobile devices such as tablet PCs and smart phones also is available here for beginners. To sync the construction diary with iPhone, iPad and Android, are their own apps to download. In this way, capture user with the mobile device important data locally, without having to carry even large IT equipment. In the office the details of mobile collected is then transferred to the office PC for further processing.

download Site JournalAdding plans, documents and photos to the construction reports. (Picture: Bauskript Software / Editorial)

The software is state-built and has many practical features, such as the selection of recurring work by menu, or the addition of plans, documents and photos to the construction reports, printing or exporting construction reports for certain periods of time and much more. The restriction to five Baubeteiligte and five construction companies can download the free version but quickly reach their limits. However, they can be so still great for the free create your own building report templates use. The typeface used there can be the way comfortably adjust their own Gusto, and various company logos can comfortably integrates per image file. The construction diary download brings the way, even with a number of additional demos around the planning and implementation. The demos are either functionally limited, or may be only a few times to use for free:

  • Bautagebuch (construction documentation)
  • HOAI detail (Fee Calculation)
  • Construction costs EFH (cost estimate for private developers)
  • Construction costs WH (Excel tool for cost estimates for components)
  • Construction costs + HOAI (quick estimate for the early stage of construction)
  • 180 Tips for builders
  • DIN 276 converter (for fee notes)
  • pro-Report (M√§ngelverfolgzung, QS, Site Journal)
  • per plan (Project & Construction time planner / construction schedule)

Limitations of construction diary

Registration reminder, advertising sign in the expression. Supports a maximum of ten companies.

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