Babbel costs: These are the subscriptions and payment 2023

Babbel costs: These are the subscriptions and payment

The popular language trainer is not free. After the first trial course users need to Babbel costs expected. However, these are more than fair. read here how much the courses cost.

Whether for the next holiday or as a great project for the future: who devote themselves to a new language or brush up on an old wants to get with Babbel an affordable alternative to university language courses and other language trainers. By downloading the Babbel app, the user is also a very flexible form of language learning. Vocabulary cramming when and where you want. However, the vocabulary trainer is not going to get for free. We have compiled all information about the cost of Babbel.

Babbel costs

the Babbel costs differ among the languages?

Babbel offers more than ten languages ​​that can be learned online about the platform or mobile on smartphone using the app. but the language trainer makes no pricing differences between the languages. So it does not matter whether you want to learn a very popular language like Spanish or something exotic like Indonesian.

From when Babbel is free?

Before the user has to take money for the vocabulary trainer in hand, this offers a free trial course. Users can register for free at first. Either he created an account with an email address and a password, or logs in via Facebook or Google+. Now the eager learners of any language is the first course freely available for testing. Particularly useful for the undecided who are not yet what language they want to learn to know. But it is also useful to see if Babbel is really the right way.

  Babbel costa: Queste sono le sottoscrizioni e il pagamento

Babbel cost registration

Subscription models Babbel

The trainer always his classes as a subscription model. The user does not pay accordingly for individual courses, but gets a certain amount of access to all courses for a specific period. The user can book four different maturities. The longer the term, the cheaper the monthly amount is natural. Between the one-month and one-year subscription model are almost 50 percent savings. What Babbel in which model incur costs following list shows (as of 1/19/17; subject to change):

  • (A)1 month period: 9.95 euros per month
  • (B)3 months Duration: 6.65 euros per month
  • (C) 6 months online: 5.55 euros per month
  • (D) 12 months running time: 4.95 euros per month

The subscription can be completed instead of the homepage Babbel directly through the app. In this case the transaction is deemed as an in-app purchase from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. For Android users, there is the opportunity to complete the one-month or annual subscription in the store. iOS users can book all four ways. However, the prices are valid for Germany, are accessed from other countries to the language courses, the price in USD is given. The staggering is then the following:

  • (A)1 month period: USD 12.95 per month
  • (B)3 months Duration: USD 8.95 per month
  • (C) 6 months online: USD 7.45 per month
  • (D) 12 months running time: USD 6.95 per month

Babbel cost subscription models

Payment arrangements at Babbel

They have chosen for a subscription and this book through the website of the speech coach can via credit card, whereby VISA, MasterCard and American Express to pay. Possible further is the Babbel to pay costs over PayPal. Who in this country has a bank account or to the low loading, can also pay by SEPA. Depending on the contract, the amount in advance on a monthly, quarterly, half-charged or annually.
Maturities can be incidentally also very easy to change. Anyone who has taken a liking to the vocabulary trainer, logs in at Babbel and simply looks for the new Subscription Plan. It is booked, the old one is terminated automatically. Is unpaid maturity over from the first subscription, this is drangehängt to the new subscription back. Details of his personal Babbel cost the user can retrieve under Account Information

  Babbel costa: Queste sono le sottoscrizioni e il pagamento

How and when can I cancel?

The user can easily terminate by a brief message by e-mail to [email protected]. Also on the portal account information is available for a button. Then, the user receives a confirmation email with the date on which the subscription ends.

NOTE: The subscription runs for so long, until a viewer actively terminated. Who does not want to slip into the next period, may terminate their subscriptions until the day before the extension.