Tips to Login & Privacy Settings

Tips to Login & Privacy Settings

Who wants to get in on the Q & A network must register first. What do you when Login should consider to protect your privacy, you can read below.

In is a kind of social network that is based on the question-answer principle. Users can ask each other questions, if necessary, anonymously, the answers are voluntary. In addition to using the online platform, members can always keep mobile app on the download up to date. LoginVarious ways exist for the login. (Picture: login: Four options for registration

To become a member of the platform and to ask other questions from, you must first register – either through the browser or through the app. Either leads you through the classic application and give e-mail address and password, or connecting one of your social networks with the service. Thus, the ask-platform app allows logging on via the following three accounts:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Login RegistrationYou can enter you either via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or (Picture:

Since the acquisition by a US company (summer 2014) You must also accept new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at login. Also the use of cookies you have to agree. In the Terms of Service is held that the platform of users aged 13 and over must be used. When registering the age must be specified. Login AgeAt least 13 years old you must be to be allowed to use (Picture:

make Login via Facebook undo

Anyone logging in to Facebook should be be aware that every contribution can be posted on Facebook. Here you can the app revoke permission though. But you can also login to resist irreversible.

  1. First log you a Facebook.
  2. Then click on the lock icon on the menu bar. the option to Show More Settings appears below, this is clicked.
  3. Apps will be selected from the navigation bar. Appears app will be deleted by clicking on the cross. A new window will appear to confirm the deletion. Here best select the following option: “All activities of the app on the Facebook profile delete *.

undo Login Facebook Have you registered you on Facebook, you can login again to undo. (Picture: editorial)

Privacy settings to protect against bullying

After Login all profiles and posts default are “open” and set “freely available” and can be found on Google and Co. or the internal search. In addition, anonymous questions are allowed. Those who do not wish to protect themselves from bullying and whimsical questions is as follows:

  1. After logging in you go to the settings and click on the Privacy tab.
  2. There you can customize your following privacy settings:
    • Do not allow anonymous questions
    • Withholding own answers to the stream

Block people and send report to

Who will always harassed by the login from a specific person or received questions that violate the guidelines of the platform has two options. You can then block the person and / or report a profile or message.

You simply click to block a person on the block button. This can be seen on the right of each question. Blocking needs to be accompanied by a justification.

Do you want to report a specific contribution or even a person that is just as easy. On the side of each section there is a report button at the top of the page. Here, too, asked for a reason.