The green vitamin-rich fruit known by everyone. But the sending sure no invitations via Facebook. What's Kiwi So yet? We have gathered all the facts to the platform! read here!

Before the wave of invitations via the social network Facebook ran, kiwi was at least in this country is not very well known. The platform is also set up mobile with the Kiwi app download. What you do with it exactly and from what you should be wary, we have compiled.

What's KiwiWhat is Kiwi, if not the bird or the fruit are meant?

No fruit, no bird - which is Kiwi still exist?

Although the name Kiwi been twofold in nature - by the vitamin C-rich fruit and the flightless bird - is awarded, it should still go to the other in the following neither one thing. The term Kiwi was still awarded area in social media - and for a Q-and-A platform. If you land on the home page of the portal, the name seems to have been inspired by the same name but Vogel, a kiwi (Kiwi) adorns the logo of the portal.

So what's Kiwi exactly? Behind the name hides a question and answer portal, can make any issues in the user community, much like you know it from or Good question. Is provided of course that does not violate the terms and policies.

What's Kiwi PortalAll information about the question and answer portal

Registration with Kiwi

To become part of the Kiwi community, users must register. The users can make both to the online platform and via the app. Moreover, for the registration, there are two possibilities. A variant is the very classic registration via e-mail. If you decide this, you must also provide a user name, password, and full name.

The second variant is the Login via Facebook account. We would however advise against. So it happened in the past for invitation requests that Kiwi has unasked sent to all Facebook friends. Who does not want to bother his friends and prefer to play it safe, choosing the classic version.

What's Kiwi ApplicationAccount at Kiwi works via Facebook or email

Features of Kiwi

What's Kiwi - and how does it work? In principle, Kiwi as any other question-answer portal behaves well. If you logged in, you can place on any person questions. The whole thing works even anonymously. In addition, the app allows the questioner and answerer sharing photos and videos. In order for the website shows clearly alive.

This not only non-binding small-talk topics or personal interests can be clarified, one can also provide technical and very specific questions.

Profile information in Kiwi

Each user of kiwi then gets its own profile, which he can fill with a picture and information with life. In the profile also you can see how many people you follow, and vice versa. All likes and shared media are listed.

Criticism of the platform

What's Kiwi - critically considered? A problem that also have other portals of this kind is the observance of the guidelines. Especially if you can anonymously ask questions, which often attracts those lead to no good. In the event that one is being harassed or encounters fake profiles, a person's function should be introduced. Which unfortunately is still missing.

When it comes to data protection, the portal is somewhat questionable: So these spam waves, which have multiplied played on Facebook, should be considered critical. The question is not whether this is a fault of the app or actually conscious sending invitations. Without user consent but it is an approach unacceptable. Therefore, we recommend logging in via email, not via Facebook.