Is it possible to cancel a PayPal payment?

who his Making PayPal payment want, is dismissed from the service in their place, read here how to still get his money!

read in the pages of PayPal cancellation willing customers often following sentences: "Unfortunately, already a broadcast payment can not be canceled. The reason: We have already provided this amount to Seller "But there are some ways to cancel a PayPal payment.. Whether you logging on to the website or mobile accesses the service after the PayPal app download to his account.

Making PayPal payment(Picture: PayPal Inc./Redaktion)

The conditions, so you can cancel a PayPal payment

Normally, payments can only be withdrawn whose status is not yet on complete. This can be checked easily by logging into his PayPal account and click on the option statement. In the payment summary, the corresponding transaction will be sought and the link selected details. You can make the payment reversed, you realize cancel this on the basis of the point of payment. If this option does not appear, the following possibilities remain, to get back his money:

Contact the seller

The money was already transferred, there is only the possibility to contact the seller. Here you have the good will of the party hope, because if you get back his money lies solely in its discretion. PayPal itself has no way to reverse the transaction.

contact PayPal

In certain situations, however, PayPal may cancel a payment. This is the case if there were problems with a sale or unauthorized access to the account. For example, if:

  • ... you have not received an item.
  • ... the article differs significantly from the description of the provider.
  • ... an unauthorized payment was carried out by a third party has logged in with your own profile. Then the transaction but not the status canceled, but reversed.

In these cases, users of payment services have exactly 45 days to see the problem with PayPal. The service checked after input of the respective substrate and the cancellation is made, where appropriate, with the dealer. In justified cases, the invoice amount will be refunded.

Other reasons for cancellation

There are other options that can lead to a cancellation, but these can not be directly influenced. That applies to:

  • ... payments whose status for 30 days "not posted" to stand.
  • ... outstanding bank transfers. This will be canceled after 10 days, the status of open switches to be canceled.
  • ... payments to an unregistered PayPal email address. Here the payment can "cancel" link will be reversed.