terminate AldiTalk - it's that easy

terminate AldiTalk – it’s that easy

Who terminate AldiTalk wants, needs is not even contact their phone company, but can simply use up his credit. These points should however be observed!

After ALDI TALK app download all options of the Aldi Talk tariff can conveniently manage mobile. However, a termination of the prepaid contract via app is not possible. For this, it is enough to use up his credit and not to charge again.

terminate AldiTalk

AldiTalk announce: deactivation of prepaid card

Once the card is activated, users can use these twelve months. With each recharge of credits, this period is extended. It depends on the amount by how much months of prolonged activity time window:

  • Charging 5.00 euros: extension by four months
  • Charging 15.00 euro: extension by twelve months
  • Charging 30.00 euro: Extension 24 months

Accordingly, the board is actively seeking a charge a maximum of two years. After the expiry of the time slot, the card can be recharged within two months should not happen, the card is deactivated. During this time, users can still be reached, but can make or send SMS neither calls. If you want to terminate Aldi Talk, so you have to just wait and see.

terminate existing flat rates

Aldi Talk offers a number of additional options – such as ALDI life MUSIC – to which you can either unsubscribe easily via app, on the Website or the Service Hotline at 0177- 177 1157th For the first two options only the registry on My AldiTalk is required. The option can then book under the menu item Options / Change be terminated at the earliest possible date.

Can you terminate Aldi Talk, without waiting for the deactivation of the card?

Customers can also terminate their contract without waiting for the deadline for deactivation. However, the notice must be in writing with address and customer number and the E-Plus Service GmbH & Co. KG are sent.

Can I cash out the remaining balance?

User can refund the remaining balance even after deactivation of the card. This must be done within a period of three years after the deactivation. For this, the service hotline has only invoked at 0177- 177 1157 and the data required to be specified.

Can the number be taken to another provider?

In Germany, customers have the right to take their phone number to a new provider. This also applies if you want to switch from ALDI Talk to another network. For this, a fee of just € 25.00 will be due in general. Usually willing to change consumers get this credited by the new entrant. To the related procedure takes care usually the chosen one provider. There is also usually on the site the appropriate advice and proposals.