Battle Chess for Windows

Battle Chess for Windows

Of the Battle Chess Download is without a doubt one of the absolute classics of PC games. The free cult game expands the genre of chess games to Battle Rattle and 3D battles.

Battle Chess Download: Royal game with slick animation

The chess program was first released in 1988 from the US game developer Interplay. Battle Chess first appeared for Amiga 500/600 and IBM PC (DOS version) and has been ported in the following years to other systems such as Atari, Apple and Amiga. In 1991, the first Windows version of the royal game for the PC came on the market. The 3D animations in Battle Chess were exceptional for its time.

Battle Chess Download

Unique fighting style of each chess piece

Beating the chess pieces on the board is short animated scenes symbolizes. In these, the chess pieces fighting each other and can there – except by the underlying train – not be influenced by the players. As the winner in the battle, of course, always the striking figure shows. So a beaten player character is not simply taken at Battle Chess only on the field but opposed by her superior opponent in a short animation. It is the Fighting style, each of the operating figures unique and makes a lot of fun even in the umpteenth game alone to watch.

Battle Chess Download opponents

Selection between multiple views checkerboard

But Battle Chess impressed not only by the animated fight scenes. The artificial intelligence of the computer opponent also experienced chess players sufficiently stand up, so that the skill level does not have to hide behind the graphical gimmicks. The operation of the chess program is explained by friends of the royal game by itself. Under File / New Game, the player opens up a new game. This can always be saved with save game and reload with Load Game. With Move / Setup board the player enters the familiar checkerboard view. This is especially helpful when a establish specific position or a chess problem would like to.

Battle Chess download chess

Battle Chess game either against the computer or other players

With Suggest Move the player requests a suggested move. Under Options are various settings. Here you can among other things, turn off the sound and switch from the 3D view to a 2D board. In addition, the player determines at this point whether he competes against the computer opponent or a teammate. Under Level one has the Selection of ten different skill levels, by "Novice" to "Level 9" rich. Alternatively, you can specify who the players per train available with Set Time a certain time.

Battle Chess Download skill level

Chess Classic is available as abandonware

The Battle Chess download is called "abandonware" offered by some websites. This refers to commercially developed software that no longer sells a manufacturer and for that it offers no technical support more. Abandonware websites like take a while valuable archival function for the general public true to preserve digital works before the final disappearance.

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