Recover My Files

Recover My Files recovers deleted data restore. Anyone who has accidentally deleted an important document or has suffered the crash of a hard disk can be restored with the shareware already-lost files. Most deleted data is not permanently lost. Recover My Files, it gets easier to recover data that has accidentally been emptied from the Recycle Bin. Even after data loss due to virus infection and system crashes you do not give up all hope. Recover My Files also saves files from damaged disks that are no longer recognized by Windows. Even if a drive formatted and a new operating system has been installed, a recovery can take place. The lifebuoy Recover My Files takes care of the restoration of documents, photos, audio and video files and mails. The data restoration can be done from hard disk, memory card and USB flash drive. The shareware can be operated quite easily. A wizard guides you through the process of data recovery.

Limitations of Recover My Files

Only preview of recoverable files but not save.