♬ With Spotify Family Family & Friends pay only 50%

♬ With Spotify Family Family & Friends pay only 50%

With Spotify Family can bless four others at a discount of 50 percent users of premium subscriptions. Learn to how to use these services and what benefits it offers!

Spotify is currently one of the most successful streaming services at all. User can select the app on your phone, the web player or after Spotify download on the PC of 30 million songs.

The advantages of Spotify Family offer

To use Spotify ad-free and also to be able to listen to your favorite songs in high quality offline, it requires a premium account. At the moment the subscription costs 9.99 euros per month. With Spotify Family, these costs can be reduced to four other people on five euros per premium membership. The users of this offer can hear completely independent music, manage their account and create playlists – so all the benefits of a paid accounts have unlimited use. The term family is somewhat misleading, because the offer is not only for family members. However, all users must have the same address have already registered with the service as the owner of the main account and. It does not matter whether Spotify is available free of charge or -pflichtig. Premium accounts must have been booked directly with the provider and not through stores like iTunes only. Otherwise, this Subscription must first be terminated.

How is a sub-account created?

To add an account, an invitation to the person concerned has to be sent. Do this by calling first on the account overview. Here you can find under the menu item Spotify Family manage all options around the concession. By clicking Invite, and specifying the e-mail address of the person a new member can be added to the subscription. Here you will find the way and the ability to remove people again.

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Spotify FamilyThe prices at Spotify Family; Image: Spotify

Who pays anyway?

Those who decide to take advantage of the offer and invite friends or family members who will pay for all. there are as payment options PayPal, credit card or payment via Klarna available. The prices are broken down by number of members and are graded as follows:

  • The own account and on Another account 14.99 euro
  • The own account and two more accounts 19.99 euro
  • The own account and three more accounts 24,99 euro
  • The own account and four more accounts 29.99 euro

The offer is limited to five accounts. automatically by one month and may be terminated at any time for the following month online – The subscription is extended – as the normal premium membership.

Note: If you remove an invited member before the end of this notice, the monthly fee must still be paid.