Marauders Map for Chrome 2023

Marauders Map for Chrome

The Marauders Map Chrome Extension shows locations of friends on a map. The add-on will read from the geographic data of Facebook messages and can thus trace the whereabouts of each communication partner.

Friends in the Marauders Map Chrome add-on

The name comes from the Marauders Map Harry Potter book series and German readers known as the Marauder’s Map. In the book, these are a magical plan of the school castle on which the locations of all the inhabitants were invisible.

The choice of name of the Chrome extension is more than appropriate since this principle is transferred to the rather real or digital, world. Users have the browser add-on installed, they can see the whereabouts and movement profiles of their friends.

Digital use Marauders Map on Facebook

With whom curiosity is stronger than respect for privacy, the Marauders Map Chrome add-on can install the browser with few steps in Google.

After that, only the news page of Facebook must be opened in the maximized browser window. Then a card with the last transmission sites will appear in the lower left of the screen. Clicking on the profile picture location information for all messages sent are displayed and linked together in the correct time sequence. So arise during intense exchange of messages rather precise motion profiles on which the site can be read to the nearest hour.

Marauders Map Chrome

Is, with J. K. Rowling’s words, “Mischief managed”, the map can be folded so that it only appears as a small tab at the bottom of the browser window.

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How does the digital track in the social network?

Many users use Facebook Messenger to stay in touch with other people. Is the GPS in smartphone or tablet is turned on, the data on the whereabouts of the message can enclose. What sounds like a practical option to arrange meeting places, is actually the default setting of the Messengers. Who does not turn off this feature and its GPS, automatically sends its precise location with each message. Tap the Mobile Version of users to a message, they can see the exact location of the caller at the time the message is sent on the map.

Marauders Map Chrome Facebook

Now the developer has written Aran Khanna with the Marauders Map Chrome Extension code which reads on the news page of Facebook, the location data of all received messages. So users can capture the last whereabouts of their interlocutors at a glance. But one does not have to force so friends on Facebook, a simple message exchange is already sufficient. Just large groups that were created for organizational purposes, prove treasure trove of information.