book2 German - Spanish

book2 German – Spanish

With book2 German – Spanish Students learn the Spanish language fast and free. MP3 files help make sense in learning many practical for everyday use phrases.

book2 German – Spanish Download: Learn Spanish via Audio Books

contains Spanish – German book2 100 lessons that are quite suitable for beginners. listen to voice apprentices and learn here with short sentences great everyday utility. book2 helps the manufacturer’s instructions, to speak the Spanish language just by listening to the audio training errors. The school covers the basic vocabulary and does not require any knowledge of grammar.

book2 German - Spanish Download

Languages ​​brush with book2 German – Spanish

The Spanish language course corresponds to the European levels A1 and A2 and is therefore suitable for all types of schools and students. Adults can use the book2 German – Spanish Download also brush up their language skills rapidly. Courses in language schools are effectively complemented by the audio files. The 100 lessons of the course reflect predominantly Everyday situations, for example on holiday, the hotel and restaurant, small talk, getting to know or shopping, at the doctor or in the bank and more. They also allow traveling by MP3 player or smartphone quick and easy appropriation of the language.

Lessons are read by native speakers

All language samples are read by native speakers, so a correct pronunciation ensured is. This is first in German and then once each clear from a male and a female voice and clear in Spanish. the audio course should find their way into the memory with the voice samples through regular listening. In addition to this, the manufacturer offers printed learning materials that can be purchased.

book2 German - Spanish Download content

Every day a new book2 German – Spanish Lesson

As a daily dose recommended by the manufacturer that the voice apprentice to daily carries only one of the chapters and the already learned repeated regularly. The individual Hörkapitel of book2 German – Spanish Downloads move in a period of between three and five minutes, thus presenting a thoroughly manageable daily quota. Alternative programs for learning foreign languages ​​are available in our software offering. refresh knowledge of Spanish before the Mallorca holidays The audio language course book2 German – Spanish can to Refresh and expand the Spanish-language skills for holidays in the south for communication in everyday and routine tasks are recommended. The lessons are dedicated to each a specific subject area and are professionally read aloud by native speakers. The book2 series provides more than 50 courses as audio books in MP3 format for beginners and advanced available. The non-profit audio-project book2 pursued alongside the laudable aim to deepen understanding between people of different countries and cultures.