So the Minecraft anvil is built and used 2023

So the Minecraft anvil is built and used

Of the Minecraft anvil is a very useful object. What you can do with the anvil, how to build it and used – out now! Gamers who want to make rapid progress in the Minecraft world after the free Minecraft download, can help with specific objects. One of these objects is the Minecraft anvil, with the repairing and rename objects and increasing enchantment is possible. He does not appear as a natural element, that has to be produced from Minecraftler itself. We show how by crafting this working tool, what and how to use it then. Minecraft anvil A useful tool in the sandbox world: The Minecraft anvil

Making Minecraft anvil: How It Works

For crafting an anvil only one material is required: iron. Of these, however, the gamer needs a lot.

  • The user must collect ore in the first step. A total of 31 iron bars are needed to be able to produce from an anvil.
  • In order to convert the iron ore into ingots, also a stove and coal will be needed. Thus the ores can then melt.
  • All necessary iron bars present, these must now be turned into iron blocks. The aim is to produce three iron blocks, each block of iron 9 bars are needed.
  • Are they ready, they will be together with the other three iron bars, as shown in the picture below arranged. In the upper row are the three blocks, an ingot is exactly in the middle field, and the remaining three are in the lower row.
    crafting Minecraft anvil In order for the Minecraft anvil is ready. Players should note that the anvil can be used only for a certain number, after about 25 uses it will burst. Therefore, it makes sense to craft several anvils.
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As the anvil is used in Minecraft

If the anvil made, now available to the gamer open several possibilities for the use of it. a certain number of experience levels will be deducted for each use, at most, this is 40. Right-click on the anvil to open the window in which all three functions can be performed.

Renaming objects

One of the basic functions is renaming objects. to give tools or weapons a different name, so far makes sense as it saves the cost of repairing gamers. Renaming using the Minecraft anvil is also possible when an item can not be repaired. However, it should be noted that renamed tools are no longer stack. Rename Minecraft anvil What is the cost when you use are, depends on the type of the object. These have a certain shelf life, e.g. Weapons or tools are deducted in addition to the base cost for the first time 7 experience level. After any further 10 items that do not wear out, cost only 5 and 9 experience level. Tip: Who simultaneously renaming tools and repair experience level can save as basic and penalty costs are incurred once.

Repair of tools with the anvil

The Minecraft anvil can repair tools and objects. This is done by the original material is added. A tunic can be repaired for example, new leather, a wooden sword, however, through wood. The repair with a raw material can recover up to 25 percent of durability. repair Minecraft anvil Excluded from the repair, however, are:

  • bows
  • shave
  • fishing
  • Lighters
  • carrots Rods
    Tip: It can be used to repair multiple units of a raw material. This saves penalty costs.
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increase enchantment by combining

The third basic function of the anvil is to combine the objects. but are allowed only objects of the same type. The object, which is inserted in left field, is the target object, gets the enchantment. The in right field disappears after the operation and is therefore referred to as victims subject. combine Minecraft anvil Various ways of combining are:

  • If the victim is not subject or less enchanted, the target object is merely repaired.
  • If the victim subject the same charming, a part or the entire charming can be transmitted. Here, there are many possible combinations, but also special cases. The cost can be very high in the process. One can achieve a maximum efficiency of 5 to the anvil.