The Freeletics recipes bring not only healthy and low-calorie dishes on the plate, but to change completely and long-term food. We reveal more about the Guide!

After the free download of the Freeletics app or directly on the site can build his muscles and increase his fitness. Now all it needs is the right diet for training optimization and achievement of personal goals. This is what the innovative nutritional concept of fitness platform.

Freeletics Recipes: The idea and the cost

Basically, there are two nutrition programs provided Freeletics. For one, burn fat and other muscle building. each unique 29.90 euros incurred for both nutrition guides. If the Freeletics recipes do not meet the personal taste or the original ideas, it can be returned within 14 days about the customer and the amount paid will be refunded.

Freeletics recipesThanks to the Freeletics recipes decrease over time or build muscle.

Long-term dietary change

The nutritional guide is not a diet, but is aimed at a long-term change in diet. The program lasts 15 weeks and provides step by step the basics of a balanced, healthy and low-calorie diet. Thus, the success can be quickly adjusted and maintained in the long term, the Freeletics created recipes according to the following guidelines.

  • Easy to follow rules: No calorie counting
  • Quick and easy to make recipes
  • Wide range of foods so that your entertainment
  • Ingredients that you can buy in any supermarket
  • Cooking times under 30 minutes
  • Focus on largely unprocessed foods
  • Dishes that take long enough
  • Recipes that can be prepared quickly and easily for the office

The concept: Eat Clean

All Freeletics recipes based on the principle Eat Clean. Forgoing processed foods and it is set to a natural diet without flavor enhancers, preservatives or artificial flavors and. Thus supplied with fresh, healthy and energy-giving foods the body instead of the additional pollutants. However, this is accompanied by the abandonment of the following foods: Industrial sugar, processed grain products, finished products, artificial sweeteners, foods with chemical additives. At the beginning Eat Clean is certainly a change, as many familiar foods must not be used. But thanks to the easy recipes and the 15-week guide a change in diet should be no problem.

And so see the recipes from:

The recipes each comprised of a shopping list, the instructions for preparation and information about the effect of the ingredients used. Through these notes basic facts for a healthy diet can be gradually assimilated and appropriated even after the 15 weeks without effort. There is an example of a tasty lemon chicken fillet. Have fun trying!

Freeletics recipes ExampleImages: Freeletics.